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The Kim Davis Crusade and Christian Martyrdom

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    On a related note ms. Davis' church states that authority (read:government) comes from above and is to be obeyed. By that reasoning the very revolution which the founders started was a sin against God. The civil war was a sin against God.

    Now her sect states they cannot affiliate with an organization that will force her to act against her conscience.

    then her sole choice is to resign, period.

    attempts to stay in that position and force others who do not believe as she does is running contrary to her proclaimed faith. Thus she is sinning.



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    Hello, lonely bird. Yes, I think it is really weird to want to work someplace where they do not believe the concept of equality in the workplace. All people should be able to follow their own religion, or political ideology. But in most situations, Majority Rules. And one must realize that you have responsibilities to uphold in any workplace. You must be able to DO the work that is required for you to do. You can't say your religion does not allow you to talk on the phone, or that you can't work anyplace unless you wear your burqua, and burn incense 2 hrs per day. You must adapt to the norms of the place where you work.

    I like the example of the stewardess, who said she can't dispense alcoholic beverages, due to her religion. Well, then obviously she should NOT be working as a stewardess, since it is common knowledge that stewardesses are expected to dispense alcohol as part of their job. If you don't want to do your job, no matter what your religion is, -- then get another job ! There is NO reason, you MUST work as a stewardess, & then expect the airlines to change the rules for you.

    In the case of Kim Davis, I've heard she only recently became her current "Religion" so it is not a lifelong tradition she is upholding. And one person said that she has been "married 4 times," so she does not strictly uphold a tradition of fidelity, or eternal vows. (Or the sacred agreement: "Till Death do us Part.").

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    Eternal, yes you describe it well. However I'm so amazed that in a country like this, things like this are possible. Of course we have freedoms, but some "education" would help. Educated people would not lower themselves to such utterly nonsense. Too bad Obama can't sue Trump for slander. Sorry this bunch of total nitwits belongs in the nuthouse somewhere in Kentucky. Can you imagine if these would run our country? I'll move to Belize!!!
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    Hi Dutch. -- How in the world did the great United States ever come to this? If anyone else in the world sees this freak show, they would think this nation has become a Lunatic Asylum. But as I said on a previous post, we'd better have an accredited Psychiatrist nearby, with a strait jacket to carry them away, in case they totally lose their mind. I almost do not believe I am KIDDING. (ha) --- The awful thing, is that they show NO ability to RESPECT our PRESIDENT, and even to have a moderate sense of decency about Hillary. (I think the GOP are honestly starting to BELIEVE their own LYING PROPAGANDA).
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    Eternal as always you are great. I guess you should repeat your JBS story; a lot of people totally forgot what is all behind the "tea party" propaganda.

    I saw signs:" Tea Party Patriots" I think "Patriots" is the far from my bed show, or a football team. I guess they have no clue what the word means.

    A better name would be "Tea Party Idiots"