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Classified E-Mail -- & What it Really Means (to Hillary & all of us)

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    eternal flame Wrote:

    I have not kept up with any European media. So I was shocked to read the posts above that suggested that many European nations are going neo-Nazi in their thoughts and beliefs. I am shocked, because I thought WWII got rid of most of that Threat. Thanks for awakening me. Please give me a few examples of European nations that exhibit this strange retro-active trend toward Nazi beliefs. --- It is bad enough we have neo-Nazi stuff all over our internet, and they have several havens right here in the USA. I mostly hear rumors, but there are a few Websites devoted to Neo-Nazi ideals. My memory is not too vivid, but I think StormFront was one of them, and I have not read any of them in many years. A few militia groups entail a bit of Nazi in them, & a few racist groups do, too. But they seem to be on the fringe & out of sight.

    One thing should sort of shock us out of our ordinary stupor, --- David Duke of Louisiana, had been both a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and a neo-Nazi --- and while he was involved in those 2 somewhat extraordinary enterprises --- what can I say? (ha) He also ran (as a Republican) for "President" of the USA.

    We thought it was bad (recently) when the Confederate Flag was still flying in South Carolina, --- but can you imagine the reaction it would generate --- if we ever did actually get a United States PRESIDENT (in the White House) --- who would like to fly the NAZI Flag, & the White Supremacy Flag, -- alongside "Old Glory" ?

    **LINK below will show you how David Duke's official Cabinet Meetings may look, if he gets elected: (Number of stripes indicates Rank, not prison terms served).

    No, Eternal, I don't know who wrote that ( a Republican?) but that is not the case; so don't worry about Europe. Here in the US I guess they are even more fanatic on all fronts. Totally overblown; do you work for FOX? ( just kidding)