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Bernie pushed of stage

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    Just looked at on how Bernie got pushed of the stage. My point is that because he's attacking the 1% that indeed the 1% is hiring in people at any cost to ruin his campaign That is how it works in this country. If he continuous this way he won't last long. I doubt if Hillary will save his butt. Sure he's absolutely got it right, but forgets the power of the 1%, including the Koch brothers who may get it their way in the end. I saw what Huckabee had to say on CNN; what a terrible ignorant evangelical nuthead; that people like that even run amazes me. No common sense at all; it is all wrong interpreted "bible" shit what he preaches..
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    Seattle didn't treat him very well, but Portland surely did. He spoke to a packed arena to 28,000 die hard supporters last night and no one jumped up on stage to hijack his speech.

    Story: Bernie Sanders draws 28,000 people in Portland

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    I am proud to say that my wife and I were part of the 28,000. I feel that Bernie Sanders is the peoples best hope for the average citizen to take back America. He is a viable candidate that is not part of the political money machine. We can hop on the train to get more of same or take America back for its people and not a privileged few. Donald Trump talks about taking back America greatness, but it is Bernie Sanders that has offers a solution by making affordable education paramount.

    Don't listen to those that say that Bernie Sanders is not electable. It is the people that vote and not the pollsters. Do we want a President who has been consistent with his/her beliefs or a President that will change views according to the polls or whomever is funneling the most money to them.

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    "I believe that no president, no matter what his or her views, no matter how smart he or she may be, is ever going to accomplish anything for the working class and the middle class in this country without the active — italicized — active continuous support of grass-roots America," -- Senator Bernie Sanders.

    Sanders said the difference between him and Obama is that Obama "lost touch" with the grass roots movement that help elect him. For a President Sanders to accomplish his progressive agenda, it will require that that grass roots movement be continually engaged for his entire presidency, and that includes electing members to Congress that are "think-a-likes" especially in the mid term elections. Those people will have to come out in large numbers and cannot just vote on election day and expect the president to do all the rest. They also need to have an active campaign to elect members of State Legislatures and Governors who would be supportive of the Sanders agenda. That is perhaps a bigger challenge than just being elected, especially considering our gerrymandered districts that elect Tea Partiers and others who see the federal government as the enemy.

    Will a President Sanders be more effective in keeping the grass roots movement alive than President Obama? He will certainly have to, but history is not on his side.

    It's good to have a president that is "consistent in his beliefs" but if that so called consistency translates into ideological "no compromises" as president, than he will have a failed presidency. "Compromise" is not a four letter word.

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    Under ordinary circumstances, Bernie should be a "sure thing" ---- and a very welcome addition to the Oval Office. But with all the acrimony & evil intents of the usual GOP machine, it may be nearly impossible. Not that I would stop trying --- but it is getting even more difficult. This year, my state has just decided to do a regular "caucus" -- (which they never did before) --- and if you introduce a new thing to people for the first time, many will be reticent to get involved, and may even ignore the caucus, not knowing how important it is, if you want to be eligible to vote. Unlike previous voting years, where you just show up at the polling place and cast your ballot, --- now we have to go for an all-day situation. And don't ask me too much, for it is "all new to me" & not at all sure I will like it.
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    About the Black Lives Matter disruptions: I am not at all sure this is a "legitimate" organization. First of all they are "rude" and "disruptive" to the whole reason for that crowd of 11,000 or more ---- to be assembled there. Frankly, we have ALL heard enough about black rights during the Ferguson disaster, & many more just like it --- to fill an endless pit of garbage. The grime and crime of many small cities police officers, is truly disgusting and criminal. But no matter how serious the issue is, THIS is NOT the time to upset an important Political Meeting of the Bernie Sanders campaign. (Or any other campaign) --- because we KNOW that Bernie will automatically do his best to correct any racial grievances, when he gets into office. (He has been devoted to racial equality all of his life).

    If the leaders of "Black Lives Matter" -- think these interruptions will do their cause any GOOD, they are sadly mistaken. All of us who had to watch this horrible display to misuse Bernie's polite & peaceful manner, to interrupt his very important meeting, which ALL those people came to listen to, (NOT YOUR RUDE, & disrespectful attitude, toward a Presidential candidate) --- MANY of us who used to be sympathetic to your cause, began to Reconsider. HOW DARE YOU.

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    The last time America thought they had the "People's Choice" for truth, humanity and seeking to improve the situations of poverty in the nation was Jimmy Carter. If you believe that Bernie is that "People's Choice" and is the deal maker for improving America, understand it did not work for Jimmy. Jimmy was beat up by the politics of corruption, and big money that plagues Congress and our America's role in the world. Although, Jimmy had his feelings hurt by being disgraced to corruption in politics, he has done more outside the Presidency than any President has accomplished. Jimmy has the made the bar height unobtainable for presidents after him. So, is Bernie going to do better with corruption or is he just cut from the same mold of corrupt or unworkable politics?

    I had to laugh when seeing Hillary make profound statements on a new Student Debt Policy. As Hillary makes comparison of her policy to Elizabeth Warren's fight to eliminate student debt, she shows having a better workable solution than Bernie. Almost immediately after Hillary disclosed her Student Debt Policy, Bernie makes media announcements on HIS policy. This is so typical of who speaks first gets the credit during campaigning. Bernie's policy has a error in it that will spell doom for getting it passed and that is hitting Wall Street with the taxes to fund HIS reform. Oh yea, Bernie is going to get this passed........can't happen, will not happen and your foolish to even think it will happen. As much as I would like Wall Street to get hit, I realize investors, poor and rich alike, will never concur with taxing their profits.

    As America gets closer to the elections and as Hillary (and all of America waiting) sees legal attacks on her character diminish due to lack of credible evidence, we will all see how the candidates truly compare. Many candidates will fade away, others will moan with agony cry like babies (that will be Trump), and the good candidates will remain. I see Hillary being the standout Democratic nominee. You go girl! The real Bernie will be revealed very shortly.

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    The progressive's in the Democratic Party believe they are the Party but it is made all of, them, moderates, moderate right and left individuals. Not to mention, women, students, ethnic etc. You must appeal as a candidate to a large proportion of all of these groups and not in just one category. They all have their wants and think they should also get them. Our candidate must have an appeal to Independents and some Republicans to win. Hillary is the only one who meets this criteria and also been identified as the Republican target. Even Marco Rubio said we can not beat her resume. We have to be smarter than the Republicans and see the chess game they are playing.

    Do we think Bernie, a good man, who has the constant financial theme his whole political career,be all things to these other groups? No He is polarized on one theme He has never campaigned nationally and does not have the experience to come head to head with the Republican bashing that he will surely have if he runs in the general election.

    If not NOW....WHEN

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    We are very lucky to have at least 3 or 4 great Democratic candidates. It is too bad they have to run against the GOP circus bozo's. But that will probably make it more amusing, & probably increase voter turn-out. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth. (Jugglers, High-Wire Acts, Dancing Elephants, Puppets, & spontaneous combustion). In the center ring is the Grand Master - Ronald McDonald Trump -- & his famous hang-gliding "strumpets" --- who practice all their wild "spinning" techniques "on the air" at Faux News !! --- The exact results of the U.S. Election may be subject to revision at any time. As soon as the Payola has arrived & been counted. Computers on Wall Street start humming & lights start flickering in Las Vegas casino's --- and VOILA, the election is decided. We may never know the exact persons who make that decision, or even what nationality they are. (Swiss? Russian? Chinese? & do not forget about Germany).

    But so far, things appear to be Normal, since we had Bill Clinton & Barack Obama in office, and Hillary & Bernie are running right now. When things are really getting out of control, we have people like Bush (Jr) starting unnecessary Wars for phoney (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction, we have men who are only interested in manipulating the Stock Market and Dow Jones. Liars and thieves, War Mongers, people who sold their souls to the Petroleum business.