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Running Mate for Hillary

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    I'm sure Joe Biden doesn't desire to be another VP for another President, so even if it is possible he will not run with Hillary and doubtful if Joe will run against Hillary. Hillary has the stuff that makes Presidents, thus on that note, who's in line to be a running mate with Hillary?

    There are some women that are possible, but there are those that would gain tremendous votes for Hillary and at the same time become future candidates themselves. One in particular..........Joaquin Castro, D-TX, Congressman from San Antonio, Chief Deputy Whip for the Democratic Leadership. His twin brother Julien has less credentials, but strong in politics just the same. Joaquin has a great website and reading the activities makes you wonder that just maybe a Presidential run is in his future. Joaquin is a Stanford and Harvard graduate. Law, of course, and leads strong from any Republican opposition in his his District.

    So, my first curtain call for Hilary's running mate is Congressman Joaquin Castro, a major Latino vote getter. As a VP, Joaquin could obtain valuable experience in World Politics and makes his voice more on the national scene.

    I'm going to respond with additional candidates, but at this pristine moment, Joaquin Castro should have major consideration for the Hillary campaign.