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Polls for 2016 Presidential election

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    As noted in the thread "A new thread is needed" I suggested a thread that can be reused as often as new information is available. Thank you to jared for good suggestions. These 2 polls are a day or two old so it's very current. If anyone hear's of a major candidate doing anything newsworthy or contraversial, it may be a good time to check the internet and see if polls have been updated. Any / all comments about Democratic or Republican candidates are welcome. Opinions are also very welcome. Please let us know what you think. Thank you,

    Two major polls with somewhat different results.

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    Tony; you may as well take part in the "horse" races; polls don't mean anything; look on how Romney fell flat on his face even if he had high scores with the GOP. Only the end result will count.
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    Uh, Politics....... A few points are raised. Are we just Biden our time (ok, sorry) support for Mr. Biden is much higher than I would have expected. If / when he declares, he would have much support. It's said that his son who passed this year wanted his father to run. Can Bernie raise his numbers ? This morning on This week with Geo. Steph., Bernie said that he was the logical vote for Blacks and Hispanics. Interesting

    The polls are serving another purpose...... We have a debate right around the corner and 6 who have limited support will not make the top 10.

    Will Cecil the Lion be commemorated with a question about trophy hunting ? (at the debates) Finally there will be air time with politicians and a moderator. These crazies will probably have trouble holding to time limits and not making personal attacks. I personally am looking forward to the debates.