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Police and the public

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    What new policies need to be implemented to ensure that police do not cross the line? What will be acceptable to the Union, the city, police dept and public?

    I recognize that police are needed. I also understand that the police need to be given the "benefit of the doubt". But....not at the expense of the public. And when i say that...... I mean no police corruption. How do we attain this? How do we calm a "bully" cop? How do we protect the citizen from an overzealous cop? And the same allow police the benefit of the doubt to do their jobs.

    What policies would need to be passed? what woud be the penalty for an out of control cop? would cameras move us in the right direction?

    Los Angeles holds police officers liable by allowing "victims" to sue in federal court for personal damages in the event they cross the line.

    In raising these issue I ask all of you for ideas (realistic) ones that would be fair to everyone.

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    A good start would be stop putting themselves above the law. Next, they all need extensive psychological testing before even being offered the job. Too many cops want to become "enforcers" because of their own weaknesses. Many were bullies or were bullied as kids, many are simply power hungry, little people who want to control others (especially women and those they feel are not as valuable people as they are).

    As you well know, LA, there isn't to much of a difference between the jailer and the prisoner too often! The same personality attacks people to both ways of life. The dirty little secret is cops can and will do or say most anything to protect each other at the publics expense (sorta like carter criminals, no?)!

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    I also like to add that the "militarism: attitude and training should not be tolerated; neither the influx of military war equipment. Often you see a squat team surround an house in full military camouflage gear. So you get the idea this is a war zone; very exiting and sure impressing, but does it improve relationship with the tax payer? The training should also include on how you approach someone who is jay-walking in a polite manner; don't "'bark" at them if they went 1 mile over the speed limit either. The interface with the public should be a main part of the training as well how to shoot but not to kill; ex-military personnel should be throughout screened for as P.R. says about" military" indoctrination and bully-ism, robot-tism.
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    Trump is in Chicago today.

    True to form, he attacked Chicago's police superintendent during a speech to police chiefs. In his speech, he compared Chicago to Afghanistan.

    What an ass.

    The Chicago Police Department estimated that more than 20,000 protesters would greet Trump.

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    Trump should do his homework. Illinois is a state where democrats, yes, democrats rule. A democrat governor, a democrat legislature. Chicago is a democrat stronghold. To trump, democrats are far leftists because they believe in stuff that republicans and white supremacists don't. I am proud to have been born in Chicago, it is a great city, a great melting pot.