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Human Trafficking & the Freedom Project

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    Tomorrow, (Tuesday) you have a option to view a nationally televised event on Human Trafficking, sex slavery and child prostitution. It's a 150 Billion dollar industry with most people sticking their heads in the sand not wanting to engage the horror of this anti-humanity culture. Since sex sells and entices human behavior, this industry preys on the weak and young too scared to fight back. Those that do fight back, get murdered, tortured, or abused to the point that fear traps them into an evil prison.

    I seen so many times on this Hub that some respond with ridicule dismissing all the terror that comes with this corrupt industry. Some call it legal and others call it mostly sex participation as consensual. You all could never be right on any of these situations. The past two years, as I have attempted to gain attention to this horrible drama taking place around the world and in America, I see that the media is capturing more evidence each month and going to the streets where this sex and slave industry takes place. It will be in the very near future, Congressional hearings and Presidential executive actions will begin attacking this industry. It has been a plague for a long time and it's about time America and the world takes action.

    If you want to learn additional information that's forming in the media, a first attempt should be to look at the CNN Freedom Project. Celebrities are getting involved and making headlines. Please join in and become part of a moving force to rid this plague from our lives. If your one of those that preach the legal end of prostitution, such as in Nevada, you'll become aware that is a hoax. The legality of prostitution is a front for the illegality of activities going on in dark circles cloaked for deviate behaviors. An easy question, ask yourself where do the births go during the acts of prostitution? When you see the truth, prostitution just isn't as legal as thought. People or I should say Human Beings are getting hurt. I could bring all my past threads on this subject, but they all so full of dismissing the tragedy of the sex and slave industry. I'm better off starting fresh, especially when the media is gaining speed on documentary's and news worthy articles.

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    As I reviewed the past several years on this subject, it is clear that many dismiss the urgency to confront this world problem, even to the point of making fun of the subject and ridiculing the reporting. So, I searched the Hub's past on this subject and below are dates and titles of the continued Threads that depict material on Human Trafficking, Sex Industry, Child Prostitution, Child and Adult Slavery and all unimaginable reports on inhumane treatment of people and children. Please read the entire Tread to get the message of what people responded with. If you just don't remember those responses making light of this subject, than I suggest you go back in the Hub's history and see for yourself. You could be surprised at what you responded with and I can agree that what was said in the past may not be what is felt today. I know people can change, hopefully for the better.

    3-25-2013 Pro-Life Hypocrisy

    5-5-2013 Another Pastor Arrested for Attempted Assault & Church Ignores Children

    5-6-2013 AF Sexual Prevention Officer Arrested-Lower than Worm Crawlin

    5-9-13 Missing Children, Person Reporting

    5-10-2013 26,000 Sexual Attacks in Military

    11-15-2013 and The New Hero's are

    1-29-2014 Dutch Children are the Happiest in The World (although they incorporate children in Human Trafficking)

    1-30-2014 Human Trafficking (including Legal Prostitution) Dehumanizes our Humanity

    2-27-2014 Prostitution & Porn Increases Human Trafficking

    5-5-2014 A Few Bad Things

    5-13-2014 Child Slavery Once Again in the World News

    6-19-2014 Human Slavery, Prostitution & America's Denial of a Rising Problem

    6-23-2014 Questionable Crime Statistic Data

    7-16-2014 Obama requests $3.7B to Stem Tide of Children Refuges

    9-10-2014 The Child is "Not" a Mistake

    5-26-2015 Concerns Over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP Agreement): Malaysia, worst country for Human Trafficking)

    The above are just a few in the past on this epidemic of perversion and human suffering. Most people have little concern mainly because it is not prevalent in THEIR neighborhood. Although, if they would open their eyes and ears and allow investigative thinking, it becomes clear. The threat is sneaking up on all of us. As the Sex & Slave Trade industry grows it builds massive wealth to combat attempts to stop it's dehumanizing crawl into our lives.

    I encourage the viewing of the CNN Freedom Project, today, (Tuesday) 9PM ET. It is being rebroadcasted on Wednesday and Thursday.

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    Funny... in all these shows that catch these "JONS" attempting to purchase sex from young come u never see guys like me attemting this stuff.

    You know....gang banger, anti-social

    I only see guys like you (good folk) attempting this behavior. I used to watch "To catch a predator" and would laugh at all the jons they were catching.

    Military, clergy, engineers, software techies....but never that local gang member.

    You sure seem to be facinated with this subject....a little too much

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    Topic important ? Hell yes. Am I going to avoid the thread ? Oh yes. Dozens of important topics and this one is avoidable.
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    On a related thread with our Democracy in the world, just doesn't appear sane with all this Human Trafficking. The World Order of Nations just keep forgetting about the children, women and much of humanity caught up in this terror of Human Trafficking. So, keep gong on with your lives and wait one day for the impact of Human Trafficking touching close to home. The media is locating evidence that this day is nearer than we think.

    The CNN Special was truly terror at its best and mankind's inhumanity to people around the world. I believe this is not the end of his subject because reporters are finding real stories in searching these criminal acts on people. They also will find more evidence of illegal activities promoting legal ventures such as that local prostitute that caters the neighborhood. May be legal in some communities,but look deeper and you'll find the criminal element of human trafficking.

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    Thanks to the media, we have an emerging fight with growing numbers around the world to collaborate strategic forces in battling Human Trafficking. Although there persists many people in the world, including Americans, that deny this effort or dismiss the importance of this human tragedy. I see than CNN continues to publish articles and reporting on Human Trafficking. This morning I found a report very interesting and impacting the current TPP and Trade Negotiations between U.S. and other countries. The CNN report "Who's fighting People-Smuggling?" reports that TPP is impacted by an amendment to the Trade Promotion Authority Act in fast-track deals cannot be done with nations on Tier 3 list on Human Trafficking. As Malaysia is one country on the Tier 3 list, this country cannot be part of the TPP.

    As this is international pressure on countries involved with Human Trafficking and not pursuing justice, this is a World Citizen approach to attacking criminal acts against humanity. So, wake up America, you need to get involved because these acts of Human Trafficking impacts economic, social, political, health and safety of people in the world.

    God Bless CNN and those fighting Human Trafficking!

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    Recent news on promoting the passage of the TPP Trade Act is becoming sidelined by organizations fighting Human Trafficking and locating a water-downed report by the State Department. Reuters, Rakyat Post and Examiner are just a few in the past two days releasing information on political sway efforts to push the TPP along for approval. The State Department, Presidents Administration and many in Congress wanting TPP approval are doing so AT ALL COSTS, even to dismiss human suffering, slavery, and trafficking. When are people going to standup and fight for human dignity as important to humanity?

    I realize very few persons enjoys this issue let alone wanting to respond. At least, speak up for humanity, because the people close to you may be the next victims in this criminal activity. An old saying that came from Jewish people when the NAZI's were coming for them. They came for my friends and I was silent. They came for my family and I was silent. Now they come for me. When are people going to start mobilizing efforts to stop this madness of enslaving humanity? In the past month a report came out (I think from CNN), 2.5 MILLION children are homeless in America and 500,000 are in California living in the streets. The homeless children are preyed upon for drugs, sex and every abuse imaginable. How long do you silent on this subject? This proves poor character, low ethics and just plain bad morals.