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Pope gives apology

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    On the news Pope Francis gave an apology for the behavior of the Catholic church during the Spanish invasion in South America after Columbus etc. I call this a very hypocritical excuse. He even admitted that the people there were forced to accept his religion and threatened to be killed if they did not convert. Looks like ISIS but did not admit it. Also he forgot to tell that all the gold installed in his cathedrals was stolen from there and plenty of people killed by the church to get it. But yeah, I must say that finally a Pope admits something, but only half ass. I hope the next time he gives an apology it is that this church has been selling snake oil and lies, just to make them rich. A very sick church indeed; their history as well their preachings stinks.
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    A sincere apology would be him placing 50 lb weights on his ankles and then hanging himself from from the tallest Inca pyramid. ....Aztec or Mayan as well.

    But....just before he leaped he would accept the gods of the indigenous people whom his fantasy religion raped, pillaged, and plundered for hundreds of years...including today.

    Then...only then I might believe him

    He's sorry?? what would these robed men do without their church??? They'd be homeless living in a gutter and people would pass by and call them crazy while they peached and begged outside of a 7-11