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Bush '41 : War Engineer?

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    here is something i have never read, heard, or seen anything on by any media, any politician, any commentator, or any author, yet the truth of it is right before your eyes and it seems nobody even see's it or even recognizes it at all? why is that?

    stated as simply as possible----george bush 41 engineered the kuwaiti war and nobody knows about it! that would be a great book title? Kuwait: The Engineered War

    that it was engineered is so clear to see and it puzzles me no end that all those adept people with intimate knowledge of government seem to be completely ingnorant of it. authors writing book about bush and kuwait and they seem as ignorant as the rest of america.

    here are the reasons that tell me it was engineered.

    hussein was our proxy war guy against iran. we funded him and gave him weapons to use on the iranians and keep them from expanding in the region.

    we gave hussein chemical weapons to threaten and even use on the iranians and when he did...we had clean hands.

    hussein felt america owed him for keeping iran at bay

    hussein used the chemical weapons we gave him to take care of his kurds problem and humiliated bush before the whole world...for everybody knew we gave him those chemical weapons (he didn't make them himself!)

    that enraged bush to nuclear explosion levels. he got humiliated and america's public righteousness shown to be not very righteous at all!

    newspapers were full of articles about our war ships patrolling the gulf and bush calling on the arabs for a base. which they rejected out of hand. no bases on arab lands (saudi arabia didn't even count at all!?"

    cia guy bush came up with a plan. he didn't want to eliminate hussein. that would have done what his son president bush accomplished and sent the whole region into chaos. at least bush '41 was intelligent about that...unlike his son. hussein he thought deserved a reward and america assured him he would be rewarded...or he would not have been our proxy. whether it was spoken or intimated..who knows? maybe hussein figured we just owed him and we pay what we owe?

    so bush had our ambassador speak with hussein and he expressed actions he planned to do and our ambassador told him to "whatever you do? do it quickly". hussein always believed kuwait belonged to iraq and he wanted it back. he wanted control of all that oil.

    so what did hussein do quickly? history shows soon after the conversation with our ambassador....he invaded kuwait!

    so bush '41 tells the arabs we'll kick him out, but we need a base in the region? what could those arab despots do...they agreed!

    bush mounted a strong pr campaign...put a lying prince and princess to testify before congress and that poor princess telling congress about little kuwait babies laying on hospital floors to die...their baby incubators being stolen by those horrible iraqi soldiers.

    america gets enraged...little babies taken from their incubators and left to die on the hospital floor? now that will enrage americans!

    it was rally around the flag and punish hussein. call in stormin' norman and an overwhelming military force and poor hussein limped back home. bush still had him as a buffer against iran---what could he do? he had to!

    so bush got us the base. he punished hussein and made america feel good. for it

    joe on morning joe once asked "can someone please tell me what the kuwait war was about?" even joe saw something was hinky about it, but it seems little comprehension of it and apparently little desire to know that answer to it too. it seem none have?

    so there is most of the gist of what bush '41 did to engineer a war and get a base on arab lands

    of course...i'm delusional and know nothing of what happened? or am i?


    i'd like to hear the media would actually look at what was done...for with a serious examination...they also would see that he did. that is unlikely....maybe a hundred years from now---some historian will actually do a real investigation and confirm it, but that will be long after bush '41 is dead and released form answering for it. so nobody will be held usual?

    isn't america wonderful?