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Fatca ruling

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    A international law related to foreign holdings by Americans goes into effect; it will have a lot of consequences for Americans who live and work overseas as well as only by "birth' Americans with dual citizenship.


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    I am so glad they finally have a way to stop Americans from putting all their money in Swiss Bank Accts, and avoiding paying their fair due taxes. If they do not care enough about Uncle Sam to "pay their dues" to the greatest nation on earth --- then they can just move out of here. We don't need lukewarm citizens.

    I have always heard that Warren Buffett began his business with a few insurance agencies, including auto insurance. So if he is afraid of the New Thing, it must be one of the new cars, that do not even need a driver, or are operating on some brand new fuel of some kind. Tesla? Also, he has always said he does not invest in something that he does not understand. And high tech was something he did not really understand. He is very shrewd, and so he did not suffer when the "tech bubble" crashed a few years ago. When everybody else was losing their shirt, he came out of it smiling. And the best part, is that Buffett is one of the most honest & trust-worthy men in America. If all businessmen were like him, we would probably have a perfect country, with a perfect economy. God Bless Warren Buffett.