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Denny Hastert's Past Has Come Back to Haunt Him

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    Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert plead not guilty to two counts of fraud in Federal Court today, marking a devastating fall for the former man who was a few heartbeats away from the Presidency.

    I'll get everyone up to speed in case they haven't been following his case. Hastert is accused of evading various bank reporting laws and then of lying to FBI agents after it was brought to his attention. That may sound boring and not worthy of a discussion, but the reasoning behind him allegedly committing these crimes is what's truly shocking.

    The indictment brought by the Justice Department accuses the former Speaker of illegally funneling $3.5 million to an unnamed individual to keep him quiet about alleged sexual molestation of an underage student by Hastert.

    The sister of another student Hastert allegedly molested has also come forward and accused him of serially molesting her late brother. I know a few of our members might find that suspicious, but I will say that Hastert attended the young man's funeral back in the late 1990's, where the sister confronted him in person. She says that Hastert's face went white and he scurried away.

    That was then, but this is now. If the charges are true then a child molester was Speaker of the House. If that weren't bad enough, this (alleged) monster led an impeachment charge against a President for cheating on his wife. How in the world could he have kept a straight face during those proceedings when he knew full well the skeletons that were in his closet?

    What's sad is that he will never be charged for his alleged serial molestation, but at least he may spend a long time behind bars for trying to cover it up. It reminds me of how the Fed's took down Al Capone. They couldn't catch him with his hands in the cookie jar, so they took him down for evading taxes. Oh, the irony.