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In America War Crimes are called mistakes,

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    eternal flame Wrote:

    The worst thing in the world, is to have a DRAFT, and take young men in their prime, & send them off to some foreign slaughterhouse. Without a choice. It is so inhuman, there are no words for it. Just to imagine the Viet Nam War, where thousands of young men a day were sacrificed in a bloody battle, far away from home & family. No choice in the matter, they had to give up college, or marriage, or whatever they had planned. Next thing they are in a foreign land where they do not speak the language, & surrounded by thousands of people who only want to KILL them. NO WAY OUT, but just trying to cling to life, just try to eat & drink with foul water & little food. Snipers in the trees, & natives crawling around in tunnels underneath the ground, while young girls in straw hats carry a gun beneath their skirts & will shoot you in the back, as you pass them. Mold & mildew everywhere, on your uniform & supplies. Horrible water to drink, so most guys just had beer or whatever else they could find. Often a GI would get a chance to call home, only to find out his "girlfriend" had started going out with civilian men. And their friends back in the states, were busy having fun, going to games, & seeing their families. And had absolutely NO knowledge of what our kid soldiers were going through. (Sadly, some deaths on the battlefield were "suicide"). And some had sustained "injuries" that had no cure, & were crippled & maimed for life.

    So I think that a DRAFT being used to increase Troop Strength, should be ILLEGAL, and Forbidden ever again, in the United States of America.

    Eternal, you forgot to mention, that we only fought this war, not because we were attacked by them, but because they were not "capitalists" but "communists"; Wow. Also that plenty of our soldiers were affected by our own chemical weapons ( agent orange etc.) Still meet people affected by it. We should have learned from it but never did. I guarantee our next President will continue our wars as usual or even expand on it, just to "hide" our real problems in this country.