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Seperate but equal Justice in America

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    In case you've been in a coma (until now) or if you live in a cave....... There's a lack of justice in America wherein those who aren't Anglo Saxon in origin or have a considerable amount of money, don't get equal protection from the courts or by the police.
    To me it seems very much like the separate but equal reasoning in segregation. Everybody could agree the separate part was as clear as could be but a very small percentage believe it ever got anywhere near equal. To most in the south, that was far more than they needed or deserved.
    This topic has been addressed before in other threads. If you speak to those of color you'll hear stories of being pulled over for not belonging in a particular area or neighborhood, or for being in too nice of a car. These are all due to racial profiling. While those things are bad (at least in my opinion) they don't compare to the new trend of killing unarmed black men. Many are upset by these inequities and the issue is getting far more attention with social media and the 24 hours news cycle. Ultimately the frustration will increase because the inequities are not likely to decrease.
    I think the analogy of Separate but Equal are a good comparison. That was never about agreeing to segregation but more about getting those mouthy whites in the north to SHUT UP. Ultimately it was seen for being just what it was. A Sham, a disgrace, a side step of the real issues. Haters are going to hate but who knows..... what was acceptable in the 40's or 50's became less acceptable in the 60's and 70's.
    Hell, we gave you a school !!!!!! Now you want running water and heat ?!?!? Next you'll want in door plumbing and books. It's never enough is it ?

    I watched the Scripps National Spelling Bee yesterday. Always entertaining. Not many WASP's in the final 15 - 20. hmmmm, probably
    because it's not been made into a video game yet / and it requires much work and study time.
    (The last 10 winners of the bee, and 14 of the past 18, have been of Indian descent)
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    I agree TJ. There is a real lack of justice in America... at least for a huge section of our society. If you are rich, a police officer who kills an unarmed citizen, or a multinational corporation then this is the best system in the world.