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    In These Times, May 25, 2015: The GOP and ALEC’s War on Cities

    "The Right has hijacked Congress and State Houses. Now it’s coming for the cities."

    "ALEC has been a key actor in the push for state-level preemption laws. It now aims to push local conservatism directly with an initiative called the American City Council Exchange (ACCE), which will create model legislation at the local level, just as ALEC does for state legislatures. “Working together,” according to the ACCE mission statement, “members learn from others’ challenges and evaluate how free-market policies work when applied to local governments.”

    Arizona has written often about the activities of ALEC, and much of the publicity in the media has pressured some companies to withdraw their memberships. However, ALEC is not going away. It's just mutating itself into another form. This rather long article in the In These Times website is worth your time to read.
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    That was quite an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    The right has done a phenomenal job of hijacking the discussion and taking over red state after red state and now small town after small town throughout America. They are masters of using wedge issues to divide and conquer a population that is already beaten and broken and don't seem willing to stop until they take us back to the gilded age where the ultra rich controlled everything and the rest of the population were beholden to them.

    I just wonder if it will take another economic catastrophe similar to the Great Depression that wakes America up and rights the ship before it capsizes.
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    ALEC's national convention was held this week in Austin, Texas. The meeting ran from August 14-16. At least 27 legislators from Arizona attended, and do did Governor Ducey and Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.

    In the Arizona legislature, there are 25 members in the House and 14 in the Senate who are members of ALEC. Also members are Doug Ducey, State Treasurer Kimberly Yee, and Justice Bolick PLUS a few other state officials.

    The 2019 States and Nation Policy Summit will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona in December.

    If you'd like a refresher on what ALEC's goals are, just click on "issues" on their website.