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TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton

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    Last election cycle, Denton, TX voted overwhelmingly to ban fracking within the city. Well, a couple of weeks ago, Gov. Abbott signed a bill that nullified that vote and prevented fracking bans across the state. Pretty much just a big middle finger to local democracy. So now fracking will be resuming in Denton on June 1.

    I don't know how many people live in the DFW area, but there have been numerous shallow earthquakes in the area they are attributed to fracking. This includes a 3.3 quake, a 3.2 quake and even a 4.0 quake in the last two months alone in the DFW area. In the last 7 years, the risk of quakes has tripled according to the USGS.

    A week after signing the bill, Abbott traveled to Denton to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of UNT. He actually came to talk to the very people who's votes he just erased. Well, as it turned out, only a few hundred graduates of the 4,000 in the class showed up to the ceremony and a portion of those turned their chairs away when Abbott spoke. It was a ballsy move on his part.

    Granted, there was already a huge movement to stop him speaking before he signed the ban on fracking bans due to him gutting Texas education and his anti-LGBT stance.
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    Time to move out of Texas?
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    this is not surprising. the whole issue of fracking has also been going on in ohio. i live on both utica and marcellus shale and after the seismic trucks were here last year i expect drilling shortly. who will buy my house when i decide to retire and downsize? likely no one. i have well water and am expecting that to become tainted.

    but enough about my issues. the anti-fracking movement around here focusses not on passing laws locally which can be turned over by the state (so much for local government republicans) but on rights. the right of the people to establish the kind of environment they wish to have for their city or township. this must be viewed from a rights standpoint and not a law standpoint.

    btw, our township had a townhall meeting about fracking and the trustees all voted eventually to allow it. when asked if they had signed over the mineral rights for their property they responded that that had nothing to do with their decision. riiiight.