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Huckabee comes to the defense of Josh Duggar

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    johnnycee Wrote: Christianity shot itself in the foot with the abetting of pedophile priests , that is probably one of the reasons why a mainstream religion like the Roman Catholics has a sharp decrease in their membership, the loss of trust in your spiritual leaders often as not could lead towards being a fatal blow towards that denomination, Lutherans, Baptists , Methodists and other main stream denominations have all lost and some are still losing congregants because of the lost of direction in those Faiths, some have strayed into the cafeteria style of worship, sort of like pick and chose what denomination fits into your particular life style, instead of the other way around, we have a steady stream of what I call Christeasters, Christians only at Christmas and Easter. These are some of the reasons for the decline and not because these folks are turning their backs on God, but rather more of turning their backs on the clergy, and others who teach the faith,
    J.C. what you describe is exactly what I wrote many times. It is just like any product which is advertised; some of it sells some of it does not sell. Some or all may fall by the wayside; like sun worshippers, Wodan, Zeus, Inca gods, etc. So will Christianity. Science has already proven that the world is much older than 6000 years, as well that when you are really dead that also your brain and its contents/data are dead. which leaves little room for snake oil fantasy about "here-afters"..