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Ireland Becomes First Country to Pass Marriage Equality by Popular Vote

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    Everyone loves to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but now is the time to love to be Irish if you believe in allowing anyone to marry the person they love.

    Ireland overwhelmingly, and I mean overwhelmingly, voted for marriage equality in a recent Constitutional referendum. Sixty-two percent of voters approved the measure and the turnout was over seventy percent.

    The sea change the Irish's attitude regarding same sex relations is hard to over state. Homosexuality was criminalized in the country until 1993 and just over twenty years later they became the first country to usher in marriage equality rights by popular vote.

    I hope that America looks at Ireland and begins the discussion of passing a Constitutional Amendment that will guarantee equal protection for all marriages, regardless of the sex of your partner. It will be a wonderful day this summer when the Supreme Court (hopefully) says that it's a right, but nothing would be better than the people piggy backing on that ruling and cementing that right so no court could ever come back and take it away..
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    Who woulda thunk it? Ireland, owned and run by the Pope for eons. First allowing divorce and now, gasp, gay marriage. What is this world coming to? Focus on da Family must be shaking in their boots. Oh, wait, I forgot the USA is run by corporations, not the Pope so we will have to wait a bit longer here.
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    Live and let live.
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    TJ Wrote: Live and let live.
    If only the conservatives in this country felt the same way and didn't make it their mission to tell everyone how they should live their lives.