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Amtrak wreck

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    Now that the initial clamor is over, first let say my prayers goes out to the families of the deceased and the injured of this horrific accident but more to my point, it appears again the media in their rush to be first made several factual errors,#1 they first reported that the train hit something , another box car, CSX to be exact, turned out to be false,then of course it was the inevitable engineer error, but they could not find him ,he was among the injured, they then moved on to safety and the infrastructure, AHA! There was to be a vote at the very next session of congress on funding for Amtrak, a lot of questions asked , but no answers but there was a lot of posturing and tossing of blame around ,all this while the body count was still growing,then the conversation shifted to a type of safety device that if installed would have prevented this accident, problem was the device was installed just not at this curve yet,more questions again no answers, bonus programs ( money) paid to Amtrak Executives instead of fixing the infrastructure questioned but no answers again. The media was running out of steam then it was back to the engineer, who by this time had retained a Lawyer thru his union, and the media was off and running , why did he need a lawyer, that was a dumb question, were there criminal charges pending ,,then the media turned to the NTSB who were giving press briefing every six hours or so and tried questioning the official to give a good sound byte, but to no avail,then the press corps were frantic to find a victim or family member to interview , damn the personal pain and conflicts of having their loved ones being treated in a strange city far from home with the family members searching for lodging while they wait for the outcome of either the surgeries or worse, the confirmation that their loved one was not coming home, now we have more information that the engineer may been struck by a foreign object thrown at the train causing him to black out and not able to apply the brakes in time. My point is as always , wait until all of the facts are in before reporting what you ( the press) perceived to be the truth of the matter, it is called a Rush to Judgment, stop it and stop all the needless pain and strife for the victims and their survivours.
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    johnnycee -- It looks like you have been watching MSNBC. You have described their sensationalist journalism, the only news item worth reporting in the world over the past few days...except they did finally interrupt it for the Boston bombing sentencing.

    Good summary.
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    Yes this train crash
    The Tsarnev (or whatever) verdict/death penalty
    ISIS being evil
    The Camp David meetings
    Now we're all caught up on the topics of the last 6 days. Double the speed limit ? WHY ? Something said to have collided with the train ? HUH ?
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    Gentlemen the accident happened just 8 or so blocks from my house, I no longer watch MSNBC, they are idiots except for I , we had all of the networks here and two from abroad, the evening of the accident many of my friends were part of the rescue effort, and we texted each other during the evening, so I had a better idea of what was going on at the site, trust me when I say the media were all over themselves trying to get interviews with the victims or any of the first responders, they were banned from the scene for almost 3 blocks away, my friend was approached by a reporter and wanted to know what happened and what's it like, my friend responded and said a train crashed and there were bodies lying around and walking wounded, what more did you need to know, and then he went on way. this is what I mean, the media fails to inform all they want are sound bytes, for the talking heads on TV,
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    As I stated the initial reports were that the Amtrak train hit a CSX box car, proved to be false, my post was about the media's efforts to make news and not just report the news, my posting was not intended to bring you up to speed on the weeks or days events.