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The spectra of awareness

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    Burying nuts etc.

    By some mysterious means, the squirrels remember. Kind of analogous to how fish that hatch in some river return to that river after thousands of miles of ocean travel. Turtles come back to the same breeding beaches.
    The albatross, airborne for days' duration on currents, comes back to the nest after even a thousand mile recorded round-trip.
    The monarch butterfly whose migration takes place spanning a couple (or more) generations, so it's not learned.

    It's like there's a geographic or location or migratory "template" as a neurological program. The "template" is a representation of the existential actuality. The "template" is that "in the image of" that I've written and babbled about -- with man, the image being (potentially) the universal whole scope.
    Other creatures have "cognitive images" that humans don't -- such as the exponential olfactory sensitivity of canids, far greater spectrum visuality (even infrared) of birds and others, and for some species even cognitive interfaces (for location, destination) based on celestial configurations.

    Our usual assumption of "mentality" is a narrow band of the whole scope of species-possibility. The integration of awareness and "existentiality" is mind-surpassing (it gets more into an autonomic/organic interface more basal than cognition).
    But only the human has the scope of universality (from the sub-substantive level of energy or strings or waves) unto the very cosmic macrocosms such as galaxies), from the image introduced into the neurology to the replication of image (which includes painting, sculpture, ciphering representation/description, even algorithms which are the "mentality" of computers.

    And the "animal analogous behaviors" of plants take one even further into contemplations beyond comprehension. The apparent is that there are "levels" of systematologies, from the material-actual up to the cognitive-realization (and representation). These are like instrumentations of awareness, the various species the members of the orchestra. But the symphony is a synchrony with an overall wholistic complex . . . BEING.
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    Too bad so many Americans have no idea who the nuts are or where they should be buried!Wink