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The Most Un-American Actions in U.S. History

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    My un-American moment came when I was in the Republic of Panama back in Jan 1964, there was a growing resentment towards the American controlled Canal Zone and it's citizens there, also there was a growing Nationality issue within the Republic, so it started at the local high school (BalBoa) where the students decided to have a sit-in around the school's flag pole where they hoisted the American flag on the single pole there to defy the edict of President Kennedy which was where there was only one flag pole ,no flag will be flown otherwise both flags of the United States and the Republic of Panama were to be flown side by side, the local Legion post assisted the students by buying them lunch and bringing them water, when the students from Panama City heard of this defiance, they marched to the school in the canal Zone and attempted to hoist their Flag, the results was three days of intense rioting with 41 dead, including US servicemen and thousands injured , all of this could have prevented if it were not for misdirected Patriotism pushed by other Americans.
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    Schmidt Wrote: Hey Dutch. I'm sure you caught this.

    Huffingtoin Post: Michele Bachmann: The Rapture Is Coming And It's Obama's Fault

    "Michele Bachmann says the rapture is coming, thanks to President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality.

    In a radio interview last week, Bachmann, the former Minnesota Republican congresswoman, told "End Times" host Jan Markell, “We need to realize how close this clock is getting to the midnight hour.”

    “We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church,” Bachmann said. “We see the destruction, but this was a destruction that was foretold.”"

    This is all you need to know. Good Americans in Minnesota elected her again and again.
    Thanks Schmidt; I must say you are the best research guy ever!! Even Jesus can't beat that! Bachman and Sylvia Allen, I bet they don't even want to cook an egg because "it is a living thing". Thus this long "dead" Jesus only returns when this planet blows up; sure if so, why did this "dead" person prevent that from happening in the first place; plenty nutty earthly people prayed forever to the walls of the church for help, but this Jesus guy must have been deaf or indeed "dead'er" than a doornail. Wow too bad this planet had such a short life span, only 6000 years and then KABOOM. If I was the Pope, Bachman and Allen I would buy immediately a ticket to Mars ,in order to save their fantasy island butts.
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    The very first meetings of the JBS they were planning on subversion of America's government. (In 1958) Welch had decided how they could manipulate the VOTE in America, & use the Republican Party. Once they got control of the GOP, they would then use IT, to take over control of America. But they were in a big hurry, not willing to wait the years, & decades it would take for things to happen naturally. So they figured out a Master Plan.

    (By the way, all of this is outlined in the JBS Manual, for members, called "The BLUE BOOK." (I have 5 copies of it). You can find it in various places, even at Amazon. (I got one of mine from a rabbi's library).

    ** "THE BLUE BOOK" -- of the John Birch Society // publisher: Western Islands // Belmont, Mass 02178 --- (first copyright 1959) -- author: Robert Welch.

    (Later on, they moved the John Birch Society Hdqtrs -- to Appleton, Wisconsin. And they built a John Birch - aka - Robt Welch -- University, there, also).

    In 1958, the next election to worry about would be in 1960. So at the first John Birch meeting, they were discussing the likely candidates to promote or to get
    rid of. They certainly did NOT like Dwight Eisenhower. (General IKE had spoken out viciously against the "Military Industrial Complex." -- so he was OUT!!

    Robt Welch (head of JBS) had already decided that John F. Kennedy was a "Communist" & began his assault against the Democratic leader. Even though JFK was an authentic War Hero in WW II, that did not matter at all, of course. It also did not matter that JFK's father was Ambassador to England. It also did not matter that JFK had lost at least one brother or 2 in the War. // Nope, he did not match the criteria, JFK was NOT a Republican, nor manipulated by BS lies & propaganda. -- JFK was their worst enemy --- an intelligent, well-educated man, honest, who thought for himself. & a devout Catholic, who had a good wife.

    This Democrat could certainly put a monkey wrench into the Republican machinery, & delay their "crooked" rise to power, that was being carefully crafted in JBS
    secret meetings. The JBS existed to "takeover" the Republican Party, & then USE IT to take over the whole US Government. THAT WAS THE PLAN. And you can see WHY if you carefully read "THE BLUE BOOK". (Think: Manipulation & Subversion). By this time, Robt Welch had read all the books by Stalin & Lenin & Hitler -- & he knew he would need a large "propaganda apparatus" to "brain-wash" & control American Opinion. But never fear, Robt Welch had a whole cadre of professional "advertising" executives --- & he could use their expertise in sales, to win the hearts & minds of the People.

    NOW HEAR THIS: Robert Welch, at a Birch Meeting, in 1958. (Talking about a Democrat --- John F. Kennedy:
    Excuse me, have to leave for a Dinner Break. That torch gets heavy, & Eternal Flame needs fuel, too. See ya later. Same place.
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    Ef, one admires your research and willingness to put forth you hypothesis. That being said the jbs is not responsible for the problems we have. I will grant that kennedy's assassination was terrible and I also do not like files being kept from the public. However none of us is given to know what would have happened thus speculation about kennedy's presidency is just that, speculation.

    of more concern is the destruction of the regulatory framework that establishes the boundaries, borders, rules and regulations governing the collection of transactions known as the economy. The pointed use of agitprop to drive this and its success in achieving upward redistribution of trillions of dollars in only 30+ years is truly astounding. Man lives by narrative and not fact. Fact is dry in the mouth of man and when it comes to the political economy belief that truth will out or that simply laying out the facts will achieve the goal of opening the eyes of we the people is wishful thinking.

    The truly un-American moment doesn't really exist. What should be examined is the truly un-human moments and events such as the Spanish-Cuban-American war, the Mexican war, slavery, Jim Crow, ww1, plessey vs ferguson, the Santa Clara decision, Korea, Vietnam, the Panama Canal shenanigans et al all apply. I do have a tendency to focus on the Powell memo and citizens United as well as the foolishness of Friedman and the criminal Greenspan but we face the fact that when humans are involved un-human acts will occur to advance particlar agendas.

    the time is rapidly approaching, IMO, when the system, the political economy of the world, let alone America will have to be radically altered. Bread and circuses, narratives of deity, angst over certain ultimately simplistic social issues will fall aside as economic pressure continues to build. The tipping point, IMO, will occur in my lifetime, probably within the next 40 years. The death style of infinite growth, so-called free markets, sprawl, environmental disregard, and limited resources cannot be ignored forever. the planet simply won't allow it nor will those left behind by blind adherence to economic utopian philosophy.

    revolution needn't be violent but it is always fraught with fear and upheaval. We can either guide the change or let it guide us.

    One would prefer the the latter but I ain't holding my breath.
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    Now to resume --- Ah yes, what was I saying? I was talking about back in 1958, at the first John Birch Society meeting, with Robert Welch, enrapturing the crowd of 11 GOP millionaires with his slightly flawed sense of History. We all know, that they were not the sharpest or the brightest in that room, but they had some serious jingle jangle in their jeans. And the subject Welch brought up, being as eloquent as he could be, was how the Communist menace was engulfing America. And he hated the fact that General "IKE" Eisenhower had just left office (as our President) saying that we should all "Beware the Military Industrial Complex" -- it could lead us all astray, into ever increasing warfare. (AND Eisenhower WAS absolutely RIGHT)!!

    The NEXT topic on Welch's mind, to discuss with the JBS crowd, --- was John F. Kennedy. As you know, JFK was a Democrat, from a wealthy Irish family, his father had been Ambassador to England, & JFK's older brother had been killed in World War II. JFK himself had been seriously wounded when his PT-109 boat was sunk by the Japanese, & he had to rescue his Navy pals who were stuck on an island. A very patriotic family, they all wanted to serve our country in any way they could. So finally, by 1958, it appeared that Jack might run for U.S. President. --- But Robt WELCH, (JBS founder) did NOT LIKE that at all. Since Welch, a lifelong Republican, had his Master Plan all set --- use the Birch Society to takeover the Republican Party, & then use that to takeover the US govt.

    Welch was fond of repeating this simple phrase (quite often) when recruiting new members for his John Birch Society. He said: "THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY and it never was intended to be a democracy." (he would say). --- (& he believed that if you say something often enough, people will fall for it & believe you).
    Amazingly, many people did not study much in History class, especially American History, so they BELIEVED IT. But I had a wonderful High School, with an especially gifted American History teacher. And I know that America is PROUDLY a DEMOCRACY --- specifically a Representative DEMOCRACY --- which only means that we "elect" representatives (ie) Senators & Congressmen ---- to VOTE FOR US. And if those elected representatives "do their duty" for which they are paid ---- they will Vote for the Will of the People. (The Will of the Majority of the People) (It is a brilliant system worked out by the Founding Fathers, 238 years ago). It has been paraphrased as "govt of the people, by the people, & for the people" --- by Abraham Lincoln.

    The JBS (John Birch Society) does NOT WANT to believe that America is a Democracy --- because they want the People to be Powerless, to just be like the subjects to a King or Ruler. (similar to a slave). They DO NOT WANT US TO HAVE THE VOTE ---- or to have any voice in our own government.

    In the last 57 years, since the JBS (Birch Society) began to takeover the Republican Party, the Repub Party is working to achieve that dream --- to take away our Vote, to take away our voice & our power in our own government --- to make us essentially slaves, under the thumb & dictatorship of the Wealthy 1%. Now that you KNOW that, you can see how successful the JBS has been in the last 57 years. They have the JBS ruling things with their "false" propaganda, & they have even grown stronger into the TEA PARTY -- its the next generation of the Birch Society. They want to take away our democracy, & all our rights, & all of our Freedom, including Freedom of Speech. As soon as they are confident enough, (very soon) -- WE WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

    In case I forgot to mention it, a man named Fred C. Koch, went to Russia to study OIL development, with a Communist Dictator, Joseph Stalin. While dear old Fred C. Koch was there in Russia for several years, making several $millions (a fortune), he decided to go back to the USA (Wichita, KS) & keep on making more $millions in America. -- & to join (gasp) the John Birch Society!! He immediately got on the JBS National Council, (& by then he had 4 children, 2 of them are called "The Koch Brothers" ---- who have spent MUCH of their $$ fortune trying to disrupt our democracy (rigging our elections) & extreme payola put into our electoral system to GET Republicans Elected!! The Kochs have also been exposed as having "bought out" the Supreme Court of the USA.

    They are already taking away the Women's Rights to their OWN BODY. (Most of those male jerks can't even spell "vagina" --- but they want to tell women what they can do with their own body and their own LIFE ---- just exactly like the SLAVES before the CIVIL WAR. // Women should BEWARE, because they want to take our country back, and they DO mean BACK ---- to the Dark Ages. They want us all to be stupid, afraid, powerless, so they can RULE OVER US, & meantime they are doing anything they can do, to destroy our democracy. (NOTE: "rigging elections (ie) George "W" Bush ---- USING OUR TAX MONEY ONLY for THEIR "SICK" AGENDA --- to wage MORE WARS, all over the Planet ---- to steal the resources from other countries, which of course CREATES enemies, so we have even MORE WARS. NEVER FORGET Bush & Cheney deliberately LIED to get us involved in the IRAQ WAR (2003) for FALSE "W.M.D" & as a result bankrupted our economy, killed thousands of our soldiers, & created eternal enemies (like ISIS & Al Quaeda, & most Middle East countries).

    BUT DID ANY of those "patriotic" Republicans GO SERVE IN THAT WAR? (HELL NO!!) So far that "easy" war has lasted over TWELVE (12) YEARS. And WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED about the "Christianity" & good character of the Republicans? (1) Total LIARS, crooks, & slimey thieves (2) Traitors to our country & our FLAG (3) Greedy & corrupt beyond any human description (4) FAKE Christianity, & most are probably too stupid to even KNOW IT. (But the GOP leaders know they are only "fake" -- their preachers & their phoney Religion. THEY WORSHIP MONEY. -- And Jesus said "The love of money is the Root of all EVIL."

    One John Birch Society member (on the National Council) was REVILO OLIVER ---- He was considered the Father of FASCISM in the United States. Of course that means he was VERY Anti-Semitic & hated all JEWS. ---- Like many Right-Wingers (who claim to be "Christian") they DO NOT EVEN KNOW that Jesus Christ was a JEW, and born in a Jewish nation (ISRAEL), & Mary was a Jew, & so was Joseph, - & most of the people (including his disciples) were Jews.

    So when these so-called "Christian" people like to worship the NAZI's for "killing the Jews" --- IMAGINE WHAT JESUS would think about them "hating HIS OWN PEOPLE. Boy, it is a sure thing, that on Judgment Day, there will be a whole lotta disappointed "fake" Christians, (right-wingers) that will be TOASTY WARM. In the Last Days, there will be a serious shortage of "asbestos underwear" ---- since millions of "fake Christians" will be heading DOWN to HELL. But it is not too late. FIND A REAL CHURCH (Not a JBS Fake Church) -- a real one that teaches JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE (definitely HATES WAR) -- & he DOES NOT REALLY FAVOR THE RICH, unless they Change their ways, & study Jesus "real words". Look around You --- see Global Warming? -- GOD DOES.
    See CLIMATE CHANGE? -- God Does. It is prophesied in Revelations about the Last Days --- fish & sea animals dead in the ocean, extreme heat & lack of water, earthquakes & Wars all over the place.. (Written over 2,000 years ago, it is right up to date). (You can put down your stock quotations, you won't be needing that -- your money won't be worth a thing).

    I hear Michelle Bachmann, with her rich husband who made tons of money from "pretending" to cure the Gay --- both of them are talking about the Rapture coming soon. You betcha. (wink) If there IS a Rapture, crooks & liars, are not going to be the first to "head on up" to the big guy in the Sky. You could TRY a DRONE, but even that has limited capacity. (you can't fool God, or bribe him either). HE KNOWS, just like Santa Claus, who has been naughty and who has been Nice. (And He doesn't take credit cards from Swiss Bank Accts, either). You all could TRY to REPENT, from all your Evil ways, but you better HURRY. -- Time is SHORT. --- AND HERE IS THE BEST PART, --- Republicans: (Put this into your electronic Pipe & Smoke it )

    Remember ALL the awful things you said about President Barack Obama? All the LIES you told about him? How you slandered & tried to destroy that nice wonderful man? How you insulted him, & accused him of everything -- like Not being an American? Or of being a Muslim? The whole "sick" Republican Party does not have ONE MAN who can even APPROACH President Obama, in good character, integrity, patriotism, intelligence, moral courage, or true Christianity.
    Barack Obama is one of the finest men any of us has ever met in our lives. And HOW the GOP has treated him, God will see to it they are Punished for that.

    In the BIBLE -- it says God will Judge you by the way you have treated your fellow man. "Do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you." And then it gets much more specific. Then Jesus says that if a person is hungry, you must give him food. If a person is thirsty, you must give him water to drink If a person is naked, you must give them clothing. If a person is homeless, you should find them shelter. If a person is sick or alone, you must comfort them. If a person is in a hospital, you must go visit them. THESE ARE ALL SPECIFICALLY SPOKEN. Then, Jesus separates the crowd into 2 divisions. One group he tells them will be going to Heaven. And the other group, he tells them they will be going to HELL. /// The first group who will go to Heaven, he says it is because when he was hungry, you fed me. They said WHEN did we feed thee? He answers, whenever you fed any of the least of your fellow man, you did it unto me.
    The second group, who will be going to Hell, he tells them when he was hungry, they did not feed him. They asked WHEN did we not feed thee? And he gives the answer, whenever you failed to feed any of the least of your fellow man, you did so unto me. Depart then, into Eternal HELL FIRE. ----- This is slightly shortened, but you can read it ALL ---- In the New Testament BIBLE: ( Saint Matthew 25: 31- 46.)

    Written 2,000 yrs ago, it is amazingly up to date. Apparently, Jesus would be in favor of housing assistance, food stamps, unemployment pay, medicare, old age assistance, etc ---- & he would be appalled at the Republican response to these social problems. According to Matthew 25, those who were trying to deprive the elderly, wounded soldiers, the sick or homeless from getting needed assistance, & human compassion, -- Would All GO TO HELL.

    I hope they have FaceBook & other social networks in Heaven. Watching certain snobby hypocritical Repubs FRY in Vegetable Oil would be entertaining. But I would not really like to watch it too much myself. I'd much rather watch the Democrats lounging on the Beach in Heaven-Hawaii, sipping on pineapple juice.
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    Eternal, what is happening to you? how many times I have to tell you that no one controls this world from the outside; no "alien" ever wrote a "bible" or made paper or a pen. Whatever created the universe WE DON'T KNOW. No Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha will help anyone here because they are all dead and turned to dust. Just answer the question: Can dead bodies fly? If so where too? brain info does that stay alive? Get thinking pls.
    So what is so difficult for you to understand this? Once you are dead no one is going to judge you or any living thing just ask your dead Jesus. It is all indoctrinated in your brain only but it does not exist. Life on earth is only temporary and recycles as long as the cycle can be maintained. It is so simple why drag in all the time "human" written fantasy? It does not change anything on this globe. So get real. No Jesus nor Mohammed or Buddha will have any say in what happens to this world; humans determine their own destiny; Wake up and accept facts not old pieces of paper made up by middle east "fata morgana" humans. ( Seeing fantasy's in the desert)
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    Just saw a statement of Stephen Hawkins he predicts that the end will come within a thousand years, because of our wars, pollution, overpopulation and shortages of resources. Yes I agree if we stay on this path which is promoted by the present day churches; like I said many times, religion will only hasten our demise.
    No Jesus nor any human created "god's" will help us ( guaranteed!) We are on our own to prevent such from happening; do not expect any help from outside of this planet. The only thing which will save the species is get rid of the "greed", ego-ism, excessive luxury ( the 1%), "me and me" culture, warmongers, preachers and churches, racial issues. As well strict discipline on waste, pollution of our air and water world wide. As well strict birth control worldwide.
    Since that likely never will happen, I fully agree with Hawkins.
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    Dutch -- You said it all. I can't add to your list, except that a giant meteor might do the job as well at some point.
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    Schmidt Wrote: Dutch -- You said it all. I can't add to your list, except that a giant meteor might do the job as well at some point.
    Yes Schmidt; if a meteor at least we can blame that and not ourselves; hallejuja we get of the hook!!!!!