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Bring Back The Paddle

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    It seems that more in more kids just dont care about what people say because they dont care. back when the paddle was around kids learned lessons on doing the wrong thing. now kids nowadays are drinkin, doin drugs and what not.
    Tell me what you think about this?
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    interesting. a family mrs. bird knew growing up had 6 boys in it. by way of discipline all their mother had to say was she was very disappointed and the offender was mortified.

    violence teaches that violence is acceptable.

    perhaps a better idea would be teaching kids how to become better people and parents so when the time comes violence isn't necessary.
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    Good ideas, from both of you.. How do you teach non-violence when violence is all there is on TV? Back in the days of Hopalong Cassidy, & Happy Days, there were a few family shows that showed "normalcy". Every so often, I pan through the channels and TRY to find something to watch. We must have 50 or more channels, & some nights I can't find ONE THING that would be decent for adults or children for Entertainment.

    It bothers me that not only are the modern shows more violent, with multiples of crimes & massacres, but that makes us all get immune to violence, & almost make it seem "normal." Also, the violence & rapes & murders are just "a typical day" in TV land. They are constantly searching for more ways to depict women as evil or semi-porn stars, & the men have to be rotten gang leaders, or some degree of Nazi - KKK. When people start to get "bored" with all that, then they have to delve into the supernatural. Witches, Vampires, Monsters from Hell, & Mutants from Outer Space. (I can almost sympathize with that last one).

    Gruesome plots out of the Mental Health Ward are getting to seem more normal & less blood curdling. It's so bad some nights I like to curl up with a zippy novel about Tax Reform, or Dental Hygiene. And of course, watch the Shopping Channel.for the latest shoe designs by Sybil Serpent. "Slither into your Shoes." Well now I am bored enough to go read some wild adventures of "The Lizard that ate Detroit." I'll bet that has a real jazzy plot, with a poignant romantic ending.