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The Ludlow Massacre, April 20, 1914

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    Traveling south on I 25 just north of Trinidad, Colorado a sign at an exit directs travelers to the site of the "Ludlow Massacre". It is just one site of the many dark events of Colorado's past. This particular site is where striking miners and their families were massacred by the National Guard...that's right...the National Guard. But this particular National Guard was bought and paid for by the Rockefellers. They not only shot the striking miners with a barrage of bullets, they burned their tents in a tent city set up after the company evicted them from their housing. The next day under one of the smoldering tents, a linesman uncovered the bodies of eleven children and 2 women, burned alive by the National Guard militia. No one was ever charged in the crime.

    This Day In History, April 20, 1914

    As the son of a miner, I post this ugly episode in our history so that we don't forget the many sacrifices that miners made some 100 years ago working essentially in slave like conditions. So I have to ask, is this what the Republicans want when they say they want to take our country back? Back to life the way it was in 1914 when dissent and unions were crushed and corporations ruled our lives?

    The Rockefeller name is less prominent today. Now you will find names like Koch Industries and the Koch brothers carrying on the same campaign against workers. But this time around they are operating under the guise of the Tea Party Republicans.

    Another link: Ludlow Massacre: April 20, 1914
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    Schmidt, I'm so amazed in this country that they proclaim to be the most "human rights" advocates in the world; always pointing fingers at others. For instance we do everything to remember Boston, 9/11, etc but forget conviently about the hundreds of thousands we have killed in our wars and still are doing that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria. I would love to see those numbers. There is no "memorial" at all for those people and their kids. Sorry we are the worst hypocritical country in the world. No "bible" or "sweet" talk can change that.