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food for thought. thoughts on food

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    Food for thought. And thoughts of food.

    One of the couple MEALS ON WHEELS recipients I deliver to just discontinued due to salt content. From what I see, what's served is not quite health food.
    But for awhile I ended up with enough extras that had I chosen to live off MEALS I'd only have had to buy wine, cookies, and cheese for the rest of my life.
    There was one recipient whose weekend order would be three hot and four frozen MEALS. A little leprechaunish looking guy (assuming the leprechaun had leprosy), he'd sometimes be traipsing with his walker the mile and a half from the defunct motel unit (turned into subsidized vagrant housing) to the liquor store. And quite often when I'd knock on his door with his weekend supply he'd not be there. So I'd end up with it. Plus the couple or more extras the woman in the truck from the source of the MEALS would give me.
    Bounty of the mealtiny -- (or something like that). Along with each meal there'd be a little plastic sack containing a fruit, slice of bread, and cup of pudding and mik. I don't drink milk (before, because I just don't care for the taste, and since reading recent books on animal farming and fattening and fiddling with biochemics . . . . . realizing that cows are injected with hormonals that increased their milk output some 60% but also the occurrence of mastitis and udder disorders . . . . milk drinking has inlicted cow-torture). But I just came to realize that recently. Until only a couple weeks ago there was no ethical or animal-hugging or udder sucking sympathetic simpering involved. I just didn't like milk.
    Where was I?
    Oh yes. So I'd keep the MEALS of the missing "man (and others off and on not at home. I’d eat the surplus salt and other dietary detrimentals that even MEALS ON WHEELS contain in their meals.
    But far worse the non-antiquarian dietary deluge that we eat. Look at the “contents” labels of just about anything. We eat monstrosity (as well as monstrously) in this country. And we're infecting the rest of the world with our appetites which are based on the nutritional needs of the bottom lines of the fast food industries and farming factory enterprises. Healthy nutrition for those who eat? Why would that be factored into economics?
    No sooner does food have to provide nutrition than a share of stock have to represent a company that will ever make any money It’s profit, not the benefit from the burger, bubby. Like, it’s the share price increment which ( for example) can have nothing to do with enterprise income for you to make a killing (as long as you know when to take profit and bail, bubby).

    Those foreign hordes? Their depleted farmland soils are taken over by mono-crop soybeans or feed-grains for livestock to end up as burgers? The lands are pumped up with fertilizers and pesticides or Monsanto’s GMOs to feed the process of resistance mutation of the pests. That’s where the value is in farming. Food per se? How retro.
    Corn is for other than biofuel?
    Crops are for cornering the market with patented seeds and required Roundup spraying. Viva Monsanto.
    Soys and grains are to feed future burgers the world over. Also growth hormones and antibiotics and maybe that partly explains the obesity epidemic.
    It’s almost as if that French bitch’s spirit is running the whole agribusiness and factory farming regime and ruin.

    “Let them eat cuh-cuh!!!”

    And them are, of course. Fecal contamination of chicken, beef, and even plants now and then.
    Maybe the salt in everything is an antidote?
    Were it not for MEALS I’d essentially live on chicken or salmon, lima beans or spinach, rice or nothing other then the aforementioned. Now and then a salad solely (with vinegar and olive oil). Were it not for habit, I might go for days without bothering to eat. At my age, hunger is one of those things that you don’t experience so you don’t experience the missing of. As much.
    But I do still want my sweets. And I do now and then crave a huge, greasy, dangerously pre-medium-rare burger on the Forman grill. (Which George had nothing to do with the invention of, and even initially had no interest at all in the promotion of either!!!)