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150 Feared Dead After Germanwings Flight Crashes in French Alps

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    johnnycee Wrote: What about the matter of defecation, perhaps this pilot had this reason to leave the cockpit. I don't see any immediate solution to this problem, if someone wants to commit suicide there really is no viable preventitive measure to take against it.
    J.C. yes you are right; however since aviation has a great safety record, if you consider the number of flights each day etc. A lot safer than being in your car.
    The way to reduce these few disasters is pure discipline; In my time the screening was very stringent and precise; I just wonder on how this guy slipped through.
    I was kind of amazed that the medical records were at his home; normally they should be sent to the airline " medical officer" who has to sign off that a pilot is "fit" to fly. So it is a procedural mistake which made all of this happen.