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skyscrapers sky-higher someday?

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    Thinking about tall buildings and strong winds and it's a wonder not one "skyscraper" has blown over:
    Engineering has achieved the state of "supernatural" supremacy???

    There have been reciprocating periods of heat and interims of "ice-age".
    There have been continental drifts of macrogeologic scale such as the breakup of the once-super-continent Pangaea, and thereafter the tectonic separation of continents (witness the "puzzle-piece" confluent contours of Europe/Africa and No. America, South America. and other places globally too).
    There have been "microgeologic" meanderings such what are termed "terrain suits", chunks of broken-off continental surface that have drifted from there to here (such as along the California coast where one side of a crest is of absolutely different origin from the other "side of the mountain" and the seaward side was traced geologically to South America. There are many other cases of such wanderings of fragments.
    There have been massive subsidences and elevation increments, the scope in time and dimension catastrophic (such as the eruption of Yellowstone eons ago).
    There have been drastic droughts (such as by desertification) and inundations (such as by breaching of geologic and ice "dams") and thus sudden extensive regional noyades ("Noah's flood" perhaps caused by the breaching of a Meditarranean "peninsula-dam" as ice age waters rose . . . .
    There have been mass infestations and mass extinctions of life forms due to extraterrestrial and terrestrial and even organic-endemic factors (meteor, over-reproduction, mass starvation or mutual predation).
    There have been all these circumstantial reversals of existential conditions and dynamics and situations.
    There have been drastic electrodynamic fluctuations resulting from solar flares.
    There have been several paleo-historic incidences of what are specifically termed geomagnetic Polar Reversals.
    Somehow everything's kept on going through all this mayhem and matter-form madness.
    But now . . . this modern age, these massive skyscrapers we build . . . the wind don't blow 'em over, But what's going to happen when THE EARTH EXPERIENCES A "GRAVITY REVERSAL" ????????