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how well is your state managed ?

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    The Arizona legislature just pulled an all-nighter on Thursday evening, and passed a new budget that is heavy on cuts to education and social services, but very friendly to even more tax cuts. Governor Ducey, incidentally, has attended "numerous" Koch brother gatherings

    Every year, the Wall Street Journal publishes a list of the best and worst managed states. For 2014, Arizona was ranked at #45, and will head down from there if the most recent budget isn't tossed out.

    If you would like to know how YOUR state ranks, just click on the link below:
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    California: Coffers are empty....No 800 sq. foot house is around 250,000 dollars, schools are in shambles, pot holes on every street and highway...........But hey, you can use the girls restroom in high school if you're transgender And the police will come and remove the Bums outside of the Shrine Auditorium so that they can roll out that beautiful red carpet for the Oscars.

    Caliifornia was a great place 30 years ago....I have the best memories as a child here.....Don't come here......Esta Cerrado
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    Thanks Guy; I looked at it and kind of was amazed about the variety in the why and how. It looks a bit like Europe; all little countries on its own; Indeed states like Alaska can still manage, because it is not over populated, the same for North Dakota. Everyone flocks to CA or FL for the "weather"; other states like TX always had the "oil" etc. It is a difficult choice every state has its advantages and dis-advantages. I'm affraid if in 2016 the GOP gets more power that taxes for the lower classes will go up to pay for the tax cuts for the "rich" in all states. Things are getting more out of "wack" as L.A. mentioned; so what will be the solutions? I have no idea whatsoever; except to use our federal money much better than spending it on our forever wars.