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staples violates labor laws and now requires us to process the USPO pACK AND LETTERS

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    I am a person wiih corp experience I have never worked in a sweat shop before. No breaks for lunch and now processing uspo package and letters.
    post office clerks make $20 an hr I make $9.11 after 2 years at Staples. No news org is interested in this story.
    This is the story..As staples has restricted all partimers to 25 hrs a week we must acces medicare. And food stamps.
    So the USPO with the recreation to out source to places like not care that we are poorly trained . are medicaid and food stamp recepients
    and mostly do not care and resent we must do a government job at terrible pay.
    Any Ideas
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    I'm not sure what your main complaint is. Is it that the USPS workers are paid more and with benefits, and you find that unfair? Or is it that Staples is taking advantage of the contract to set up a "sweatshop" to make money? In other words, is your complaint with the post office or Staples?

    I dug out this article in the Boston Globe that seems to address the problem, but I don't know if they present the full picture. I am aware that Republicans in Congress would like to privatize the Post Office, and have forced certain advance retirement payments on them to make it appear that they are losing money.

    Boston Globe, May 14, 2014: Postal union targets Staples over mail services program
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    I also am unsure of what exactly your saying or asking. Are you saying you now work at staples? Or you now work at USPS? What exactly (in better detail please) is the story you wish to be covered?
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    She is saying that Staples is a scum ball operation,controlled by low-life, right-wing, conservatives. The CEO of this company belongs in prison not the board room. This was one of the companies that Bain Capital, under our old friend Romney, took under their wing and helped destroy most other similar types of small business.

    She is telling us that she does the same work for half the pay as a postal worker.

    Staples is a business, like Whole Foods, The Container Company and many others that uses and abuses their employees at every turn to be "more profitable for the stockholders".

    Staples is the kind of business that every decent human being should refuse to patronize.

    Have I missed anything else?