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Rudy Giuliana opened his mouth ( again)

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    This total nuthead said that Obama does not "love" this country and all his policies are a disaster. Of course the "tea" party fanatics joined in. Especially the "religious" nuthead Bobby Jindal ( a real American for sure) completely agreed. Others kind of denounced only the part of "love" but agreed on the other smear things. Even our governor ( Rick Scott) attended that party; that shows his "tea" party alliance.
    Anyway I personally don't see where the "fuss" is all about; I doubt if anyone "loves" everything in this country anyway. Even the "billionairs" don't love this country because they "park" their money elsewhere. etc etc. But anyway I've got the feeling that more and more nutty things will be produced by the GOP way before any election. Just about half the "party" is going to run including the total "tea" party side. The more the better; they will "kill" each other off in total stupidity anyway.
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    Yes, he is an idiot. He said that after making that statement....... he received death threats...... I thought GOOD !!!!!!! If you say stupid things and offend large numbers of people..... you should worry about repercussions of making those statements. The idiot got almost zero votes in the race for the nomination last time so he should realize that he is completely not important. So what if he has some friends in NY, the rest of the country have no respect for the loud mouth.
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    Obama's the homie. Ijust found out he attended Occidental College here in LA prior to Law school. Ten minutes from my house. Obama lived in the Ave's. Unbelievable. 52nd and York was and still is a shit hole. Occidental college is an Oasis in the Sahara. Small college hidden behind trees. WOW

    You guys better never question the actions of the homie Obama. He's not a muslim. He's a chicano gang member. Lay off or it's on....BRO
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    pgr Wrote: Homiebama?
    And all this time I thought he ate pita bread.....THAT WAS A CARNE ASADA TACO.

    Homiebama for prez
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    Pollo not carne de puerco, I hope!
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    pgr Wrote: Pollo not carne de puerco, I hope!
    Ik weet niet wat eten te maken heeft met die achterlijke Giuliana. De groeten van de Paus.

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    zegene u heilige vader!
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    pgr Wrote: zegene u heilige vader!
    Hey, great; won't happen either; the "guy" does not speak Dutch; way too difficult for "holy" people. Giuliana, is gewoon een achterlijke gladiool.
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    It's just sad that a man America lionized after 9/11 has become such a colossal asshole who craves the spotlight so much that he resorts to saying one outlandish and idiotic thing after another just so he can hear his name spoken on television again.

    Giuliani knows the only way anyone speaks his name anymore is when he says something crazy. It happened during the Eric Garner protests in New York and it's happening again now. The media should just ignore him and not give him the attention he so desperately craves. Just because someone has a different political philosophy doesn't mean they are anti-American. If anyone is anti-American, it's the crazy right wing zealots who would rather see our country fail than compromise with President Obama.
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    There IS a secret way to "decipher" what the right wing is saying. I discovered this more than two years ago. You just have to take whatever they say -- then twist it backwards or upside down. // CLUE: (The truth is usually the exact OPPOSITE of what they have actually said).
    For instance: They use phrases & accusations, to "distract" you from what THEY are doing. Like when they are all busy yelling that Obama does NOT love his country. (Immediately a dozen or more of GOP start echoing the same ridiculous accusation.) But WHY are they saying that? It is to distract you from noticing that the GOP are doing a few DOZEN things AGAINST the United States Govt. (In fact, they are intentionally trying to DESTROY our Democracy & our Govt.).

    But when they make their false stmt against Obama, the media immediately begins to focus on that stupid irrelevant comment, & nobody is paying attention to all the treasonous things the GOP is currently doing AGAINST our Govt. While everyone is pointing fingers at Obama, the GOP are busy rigging our elections, raising crooked campaign funds from the Koch family, (which began their fortune in Soviet Russia working with Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin). The Koch Bros father (Fred C. Koch) began doing "OIL drilling contracts" in Russia in the 1930's. After making several million$, Fred Koch came back to the USA (back to Wichita, KS) & kept increasing his fortune. But, this is important ---- He immediately joined the John Birch Society & got on the National Council. Now WHY would this millionaire, who just made it BIG in Commie Country, want to get into the JBS, just as it was starting off to takeover the US Govt, & try to destroy our Democracy? Hmmm (Remember that Robt Welch, founder of the JBS, always said he did NOT believe in Democracy -- or that the US was supposed to be a Democracy).. That stmt is clearly printed in every edition of THE BLUE BOOK (Members Manual of the John Birch Society) written by Robert Welch (c 1959, 1961) - published by Western Islands -- Belmont, Mass 02178. // Many have cause to believe that the JBS has always been an undercover organization for the Communist Party, USA. // Note that the John Birch Society now has close affiliates in the Tea Party. (The JBS & the Tea Party share the same agenda).

    The (1960's) Birch Society condemned all Democrats, but especially hated "liberal" Democrats. So they especially hated John F. Kennedy. Founder Welch goes on for several pages insinuating that JFK was a "Communist" -- & had to be destroyed. The JBS would prefer voting for Goldwater (over Nixon) for Prez in 1960, --- but would gladly vote for Nixon, if he ever decided to run for office. Very soon, America was to lose its innocence, & a great Democratic leader.
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    How hard could it be ---- to PROVE that most of the GOP are not qualified to be a dog-catcher in a tiny town? There is one of them who must have flunked 5th grade biology --- since he does not know that the mouth does not lead into the vagina. (?) -- The GOP leader who wanted a woman to swallow a pill with a tiny camera inside it, to find out if a fetus was in there. (?) -- THEN THERE ARE THE Dozens of GOP who have "phoney diplomas" from some right-wing religious college like Oral Roberts or Jerry Falwell -- who are outright crooks, & their textbooks are skewed to teach "phoney science" that does not admit there could be evolution or global warming, (or that the earth revolves around the sun). In the olden days, the Catholic Church used to behead anyone who did not believe that the sun revolves around the earth). Gee, that sounds a lot like ISIS, doesn't it?
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    There is not always much hope for Optimism. The JBS has been active for 56 years, Extremely well-financed, well-organized, & with steadfast leadership, & tons of steady contributions, even from major religious organizations. (I have personally known Birch members, & they tried to "recruit" me many years ago. But I knew, the minute they said that "America should not be a Democracy" --- that they were totally telling LIES. And I began studying everything I could find about them.) It was amazing the power & strength they could quickly amass, using secret cell meetings, with secret memberships, They used ordinary patriotic groups and churches, and "duped" them with massive propaganda tactics. They bought radio stations, & wrote millions of pamphlets & magazines which they handed out in doctor's offices, dentist offices, & even on airplanes. (They approached me in a book store). They could be very persuasive; some of their henchmen had previously worked in advertising. After awhile they could "buy" politicians, & their message was actually being preached from the pulpits of many churches. It was a massive effort, with the intended purpose to "brain-wash" the American people, so they would willfully abandon their own benevolent, freedom-loving govt of democracy (govt of the people, by the people, for the people) -- & instead, betray Uncle Sam, for the living monster of corruption, greed, fascist control, & an "invented religion" that taught the OPPOSITE from ideals of Jesus Christ, (Jesus taught LOVE & SHARING the Wealth, & Jesus was Anti-WAR).
    -- So if you examine their political platform, you will quickly see, the GOP are ALL About GREED, LYING, & waging MORE WARS all over the PLANET.

    So, as usual, the Evil people have a huge advantage. So what can WE do? Just ordinary "true" Christian Americans, with very little money, or not many very powerful positions in society. We don't own radio stations or stock market income. //// So WHAT CAN WE DO? We might have the answer here already.

    In college I met a lot of students who were "boot strappers" --- they were "older" military officers who were done with their required duty, and they were at the stage to leave the military for civilian life. Anyway, most of them belonged to the "Pen & Sword" Society. For some reason, it took me a while to figure out what that meant. Then one day, it suddenly struck me,,, it means ---- "THE PEN IS MIGHTIER than the SWORD." (A good phrase to remember).

    The NEXT thing I remembered was a story in the BIBLE. Way back in Biblical times, there was a village being terrorized by a GIANT, who with his incredible strength, he could destroy the entire village & everyone in it. The people were greatly afraid, so they approached the bravest, youngest man in the village, & asked him (Samson) if there was anything HE could do? Samson stood in front of the Giant, & tried to determine how powerful he was, & how would be the best way to approach him. After watching the Giant (Goliath) for awhile, Samson got out his trusty slingshot, & suddenly launched a hefty stone in the direction of the Giant's head. BULLS-EYE . The Giant fell dead, and the village was saved. ---- And another urban Legend was born.

    If you are ever faced with an unbeatable Foe -- or a serious gang problem, -- always carry your trusty slingshot (it doesn't have to be registered). & bring along a nice supply of rocks. // And, in the WORST CASE SCENARIO --- always carry your "Sharpie" PEN, which is supposed to be mightier than the sword.
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    This thread got started way back in 2015, and it is still very applicable today. The reference to the Sharpie pen, incidentally, made me smile.

    Even today, Rudy it still getting himself in trouble because he just can't seem to shut up. In a recent interview with The New Yorker magazine, he admitted that he was the one who was responsible for former career U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch getting fired. He said the reason was that she stood in his way:

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    I first mentioned Heather Cox Richardson the other day. Her newsletter from yesterday highlights just how corrupt Trump's administration actually is. Here's the highlights:

    1) Giuliani's “documentary” on the pro-Trump One America News Network accusing Ukraine of interfering in the 2016 elections and attacking the Bidens has played on state television in Russia.

    2) Foreigners in trouble with the law in America hired Giuliani for huge sums of money to pilot their cases into safer waters; businessmen in Ukraine eager to make corrupt deals in the natural gas industry hired Giuliani to get rid of anti-corruption figures like U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Casey Michel at the New Republic has a similar story today, in which a Ukrainian oligarch offered dirt on Biden in exchange for getting US charges of money laundering against him dropped. (He allegedly used shell companies and real estate purchases to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in the US.)

    3) Republicans today have floated the idea that the Senate is simply a jury and that the place for pursuing facts was in the House. If the Democrats missed that opportunity it’s not the Senate’s problem.

    4) Brian Kemp was the only state election official to refuse help from the Department of Homeland Security to protect against Russian cyber attacks in 2016, and when election observers sued to examine the insecure servers for signs of a breach, technicians wiped the servers clean and, two months later, also wiped clean the backup servers.) Abrams lost by just over 50,000 votes. Wisconsin conservatives used a technique called "voter caging". They sent out letters to 234,000 voters, primarily in counties that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and if those voters did not return the letter, they were marked as having moved and thus no longer eligible to vote from that location

    One intriguing possibility in the impeachment process would be for the Democrats to pass the articles of impeachment, but then hold onto them. This would keep the Senate from whitewashing the Ukraine scandal. It would also drive Trump nuts.

    Is the Senate REQUIRED to vote on articles of impeachment from the House?

    Technically, no. While the House must bring charges to the Senate, the Senate has the right to dismiss the charges or adjourn the trial without a vote on a charge, sine die, though both cases happened only once for each instance in U.S. History. As the High Court of Impeachment, these would have the legal effect of dismissal with prejudice in an ordinary judicial court (i.e. the Court refuses to hear this case and will not accept refiling for any reason) and can happen with a 51% majority as well.

    If the House held onto the articles, or the senate refused to take a vote, I have absolutely no clue as to how either one would affect the 2020 election - but they definitely would.