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Motorist Witness Taiwan Plane Crash Just Yards Away- Footage

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    A Taiwanese TransAsia plane carrying 58 passengers and crew crashed into a bridge an slammed into the water today. Twenty three people were killed in the disaster. Just after take off, a message from the captain called out, “Mayday, Mayday, engine flameout.” A flameout is engine failure — when the fuel supply to the engine is interrupted or there is faulty combustion.

    Footage from the motorist as the plane crashes nearby
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    Terrible story. Can't imagine the horror of being a passenger on that plane. That footage is incredible.
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    It was an ATR72 ( French built plane) the engines are Pratt & Whitney; one of the engines failed just after take off; since it had a full load and full of fuel, a heavy plane to get enough speed on one engine; also this sharp "turn" makes it loose even more speed and lift; result known.
    I know these engines very well; they wring out an enormous amount of power out of a very little delicate engine; so it does not need much to fail.
    Also the ATR 72 is a streched development of the ATR 42; so a "boosted" engine for that type is being used; but still a bit "undersized"