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MMR problems are worst in 20 years

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    It is almost "funny" about Rand Paul. I guess he is a "doctor" --- but I have heard he is an "eye doctor" --- which means he would never have to do any vaccinations of patients. Like a whole lot of "right wingers" --- you can seldom trust what they-say-they-know, OR what they-say-they-are, since LIARS are their most usual character traits. (Sad, but True). We have often discovered that many right-wingers, even in Politics, have "phoney diplomas" from "phoney colleges" --- & many of their so-called Religious Leaders are nothing but "fakes" & "crooks" & "liars." But if a person has been raised where they believe in all the rantings of those kind of preachers, (like that lady we just discovered who claimed she "raised the dead") -- if you heard that baloney all the time since you were a little kid, -- & you were told that was the "voice of God" --- then, you'd probably fall into line, too. With the easy medium of TV right in your living room, it is much easier for that insanity to be spread all over the nation, instantly, & without anyone checking on accuracy, they can get by with preaching just about any utter nonsense that is humanly possible. // But it is all "insidious" --- once people can be trained to believe totally utter nonsense in Religion, it is only a step further, to get them to believe total baloney about Politics. // Such as: "Global Warming does not Exist."