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weather wimps and other considerations of unpreparedness state

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    The northeast U. S. (where I live) is awaiting a proclaimed historic severity
    nor-easter which will dump 24" of snow or so upon us . . . . . . blizzard-schmizzard. big deal -- 24"

    You know, it's not the snow. It's the unpreparation. Places (far North, Rockies, etc.) get twice and more of this
    "mega-storm" potential several times if not more every winter and they just deal with it as part of life. We're so not ready
    for anything disruptive of the almost delusional status quo.
    You're probably not even equipped with food to last you quite awhile. And you don't have alternative heat. Water???
    A last resort for us majority would be to park the car outside, make sure the snow doesn't cover the exhaust pipe,
    keep windows open just a bit for cross-vent., and run the engine and heater. Nice for us "car'd for" people. What about those who depend on pubic transport? How many would fit in your warm car with you -- even of your close neighbors?
    The criterion (heaven help us not premonition) of disaster was New Orleans and vicinity, and such ultimate urban unleash -- Baghdad.
    Here? Civil defense? What was that?
    Homeland . . . . in-security . . . . it's a flaunt, a front, a potemkin propped up to placate a populace that's ultimately at the mercy of whatever might disrupt the established systems and dystributions thereof (so electricity-dependent).
    There should be "survival drills". At least "vicariously" via TV or Internet programming.
    What if . . . . . graphics and documentations of disasters, computations and calculations of necessities (how long can you go without eating . . . . surviving 40 degrees temp. outside the blankets and drapes and bedspreads and wall-to-wall wrapped around you. . . . . what do you do when you find you're passing a kidney stone (or baby) and can't get out the door because of the waters or snows or insurgents or . . . . ..
    It can't happen here. That's what one of my late-teenage college-honors grand daughters said to me one time. Oh yeah?
    Check out world history, not that long ago the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Nazis and . . . . the whole hyperstructure that we consider advance and progress, Civilization, could be destroyed within a day given an actual invasion. Within days given the release of the predation of pillage even within actual survival need (you can't eat the laptop you just grabbed) . . . . within a week or so as actual starvation and exposure and disease spread like entropy of the enterprise so vulnerably an illusion of an actual evolutionary system of mankind.
    Such wimps we are in our laps of luxury of a system that is an illusion.
    For even a couple feet of snow can wreak havoc