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Knight's Templar killed Friday Oct 13 1307

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    Okay, This topic has to do with religious stuff. I'm not making any claims or asking anyone to think any particular thing.
    I'm just starting to watch a television show that I recorded earlier this evening. The show is America Unearthed and is on the History channel Saturday evenings at 9:00 pm. The guy is Scott Wolter who is said to be a forensic geologist...... Tonight's episode which I tried to post is titled "The Templars' Deadliest Secret" I've just started but it suggests that many Templars were killed and tortured in 1307 but that some may have escaped and came to America to avoid being hunted by the church. Reason being....... They had proof that Jesus (L.A.'s gardener - joke) had impregnated Mary Magdalin (sp?) and the church did not want this idea to get out. I have heard this before about Jesus but I've not heard any explanations or details. It's a very interesting concept. I am also wondering if the Da Vinci code touched on this topic as well. I don't know. Tonight's show is part 1 of 2. As far as the Templars coming to the ole US before Columbus, It's already known that the Vikings made it to Eastern Canada long before Columbus and I just learned tonight that the Minoans came here through the St. Lawrence seaway in Canada to the great lakes as early as 2400 bc to mine copper in Northern Michigan (50,000 tons) to allow for the bronze age. Not nearly enough pure copper in Europe. This topic was covered in the previous episode of America Unearthed. The Phoenicians are said to be earlier visitors as well.
    Anyway......... The idea of Jesus being a dad or was a dad is very interesting. Doe's this mean that .0000025% of Middle Easterners or Europeans might be descendants ? I know the church want's him to be all holy and not subject to temptations. I have no issue with him being a regular guy well perhaps not regular but not all that different than many in his town.
    Has anyone else heard this theory about Jesus being a father and having strong feelings for Mary Magdalin (which I don't know how to spell) or this being the reason for the elimination of the (previously very strong and important) Knights Templar ?
    Oh yes, there are negative things on the net about the guy on the show. I figure that's the History channels problem, not mine.
    Edit / add
    I've watched 70% of this episode. It sounds legit. The Church would have been out of business if word of Jesus being married with children got out. There's plenty of reason to believe the Catholics were behind the execution of the Templars. And Da Vinci is suggested to be very much a key factor in telling the story of the blood line........... I didn't pay that much attention to the Da Vinci code movie. Just finished. WOW !
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    Well then watch or read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. He got the idea for his book from another book. "Holy Blood Holy Grail"
    That story has been around a long time.
    Mary (maria)...fake Jesus wife flees to france (pregnant) and then has decendants (Merovingians). The Holy grail is supposed to be the blood line of fake jesus.
    Also, the Gnostic codices "Book of Mary" speak about Fake Jesus and Mary( Maria) being married
    But that's all nonsense because the real jesus (mexican Gardener) has never mentioned any of this to me....... from our great spritual conversations he actually met Mary (maria) at a Tijuana strip club. They fell in love after only one table dance.
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    Makes perfect sense to me now!

    Whom do I pray to to get this shark off my neck now?
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    What is the matter with people? The Templars fougt in the crusades; they likely found out that "Jesus" was a total fake; kid or no kid, it does not matter. Sure the "church" wanted to take the "sure" road and got rid of them. I also doubt if this guy had a kid; he ran around with "guys" all the time; which guys wrote 40 year later the nonsense in their novels. He must have been gay for sure. I guess his "dad" on Jupiter disapproved of all of that and had him killed. End of story.