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Christie Looked Like TWO People Dancing

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    I just happened to tune into the Cowboy's game yesterday (Sunday) and the initial shot was in the Cowboy's suite. I first saw what I thought was two people doing some sort of celebratory dance or jig, but then realized it was only one---Chris Christie doing his thing. I wonder who paid for the minimum 3-seat airline ticket he had to purchase for his flight from New Jersey to Texas?
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    The Gov. of New Jersey is a Dallas Cowboy fan, so what, there are millions of them, he claims to have been a Cowboy fan all of his life , irrespective of the fact that New Jersey is the home of two NFL teams the Jets and The Giants, and his State enjoys the rather large revenue that both of theses teams generate,both in game day taxes and parking fees plus Mdse. sold. is he suppose to be neutral or show a certain favoritism towards either of these two teams, or just continue in being the fan that he always was, these are really earth shaking events in New Jersey considering that there are presently 8 casino closings , with the subsquent major loss of revenue, and a jump in the unemployment stats for that state,and this is what the media feels is news worthy. Give me a break.