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Louie Gohmert for House Speakership?

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    Louis Gohmert has thrown his hat into the ring for the House Speakership position. Gohmert has referred to John Boehner as a "dictator" and objects to any compromises Boehner has made, not only with Democrats but also moderate Republicans.

    Sean Hannity in a tweet endorsed Gohmert. "Yea !!!! Your Buddy, Veteran, great American Louie Gohmert challenging Boehner for Speaker of the House! YES!” I support Louie!"

    Rep Ted Yoho, a Tea Party Libertarian Republican (also radical) from Florida, also says he would serve as a replacement for Boehner. Yoho has only served in the House since January 2013.

    Between the two of them, they just need to capture 30 votes to force a second round of voting. That vote will take place tomorrow (Tuesday). I would place my money on Boehner. Republicans are not ready to commit suicide yet. Stay tuned.
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    While I would absolutely love to see a Gohmert speakership, I just don't see House Republicans being that stupid. It would be nice to see it forced into a second round because would show that Boehner will be playing with a weak hand in the 114th Congress, regardless of the size of the majority he oversees.
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    jaredsxtn Wrote: While I would absolutely love to see a Gohmert speakership, I just don't see House Republicans being that stupid. It would be nice to see it forced into a second round because would show that Boehner will be playing with a weak hand in the 114th Congress, regardless of the size of the majority he oversees.
    Yes Jared, this is going to be a very interesting year; let the games begin!!
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    All of us "normal" people wonder how in the world "America's dumbest congressman" keeps getting elected.

    The answer to that question came today in the form of a reply to a post about Louie from a guy who lives in Texas:

    His response (a classic) is as follows:


    Now, now, settle down. I’m from Texas and I’ll explain it. You have to put Louie in context. He’s from far North East Texas, what we in Texas refer to as the “piney woods”. This area is unsophisticated. In fact, there are probably areas in Somalia that are more sophisticated.

    Think of every redneck or doofus or inbred joke you’ve ever heard. I guarantee you there is someone in Louie’s district that may have inspired it.

    This is an area where KKK meetings and evangelical tent revivals are held on the same grounds, just different nights. And attended by the same people. If you can’t imagine either event is still going on in 2015, you haven’t been to Louie’s district.

    This area is so Republican that no Democrat bothered to run against him in 2008 and 2010. In 2012, he beat the Democrat 71.7% to 21.6%. As one may note, rounding errors happen in the piney woods. Math ain’t their forte.

    I have often noted that the main reason why Louie Gohmert was elected was because he was the only man in the district with a full set of dentures and *two* clip-on neckties. This is an area where people think there is such a thing as a “short-sleeve dress shirt”, appropriate for wearing with one’s “2 for $99” 100% polyester suit.

    It’s even been said that Louie owns two pairs of dress shoes, but that’s a damn lie spread by provocateurs trying to slander him in the adoring eyes of his constituents. Louie Gohmert is no wasteful spendthrift. We know that because he’s never spent a penny on deodorant, either.

    It’s whispered that Louie even bathes on Saturdays, but no one has ever caught him doing it on two *consecutive* Saturdays. That’s just a calumny. Louie has better things to do than waste time and water like that.

    Now, you liberals may think that Louie Gohmert is an ignorant dumb ass. But let me assure you that he’s one of the smartest men in far North East Texas. His “cosmopolitan urbanosity” is well-known and much admired. It’s been said he even knows the difference between a salad and a dinner fork and when to use which.

    He hates all the right groups and will get you a flag that’s flown over the Capitol.

    He would rather a person died in agony of a curable disease than spend a single penny of taxpayer money.

    If it were up to Louie, every welfare and food stamp leech would have to wear a hat with a flashing red light ever time they left the trailer.

    Louie loves fetuses, but hates welfare babies.

    He once found out a fellow was an illegal immigrant, but magnanimously let him finish his lawn before he called the sheriff. It’s just a shame the sheriff showed up before Louie got around to paying the guy.

    And when it’s time for church, Louie is front-and-center. Sometimes he even passes the collection plate. It’s a liberal lie that it’s always lighter than usual when Louie is the plate passer. He only takes it the bathroom with him to keep it safe before handing it in.

    So, you may make fun of “Gomer” as we affectionately refer to him, but I assure you:

    In his piney woods hillbilly kingdom, Louie is the one-eyed man.


    Here's the article that inspired the response:

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    How many tears and boo-hoo's does Boehner need to perform to get reelected? Sounds like the many versions of the light bulb joke. How many Republicans does it take to screw-in a light bulb?..........None.....A democrat did it for them.
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    Just what the GOP needs going into a Presidential election cycle , more credibility.

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    I learned another reason this morning why Louie Gohmert keeps getting reelected.

    Texas apparently passed a law recently that high school seniors no longer need to pass all of their final examinations in order to graduate. Apparently, passing 2 out of 5 is considered to be good enough. I'll leave it to our Texas contributors to verify that fact, but it doesn't give you much confidence in the Texas public school system. Texas, incidentally, has the lowest high school graduation rate in the country, at 79.9 %, which may help to explain why the legislature recently passed a bill to allow guns on college campuses.

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    As another tidbit.........on TEXAS.......... A graduation certificate handed to third grade students at a elementary school in TEXAS was titled somewhat as "Congratulations from graduating from GHETTO school". I could have the original title wrong, but it did have the words, "GHETTO".

    TEXAS is so arrogant and confused about supporting humanity. Maybe they should leave the Country, but not after getting their FEMA funds for all the flooding disaster. The only other country that rivals TEXAS is KANSAS as it wrestles with a budget. Schools in several districts were let out earlier than planned because of no money. Now this mornings news is KANSAS is furloughing much of the state's employees, education included. I think it was TEXAS ex-Gov. Perry that visited KANSAS not long ago to rub elbows with Brownback, the KANSAS Governor. So, TEXAS and KANSAS is riding the same horse and appears that horse is has three legs and about to loose another.

    "Ghetto" award. (KLTV)

    Here's official TEXAS graduation certificate. If you care to it up, see what the qualifications are required to be a TEXAS Teacher. Yee HAH!

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    I don't think OHIO is much better; read under another thread why we import educated people. Our money is "wisely" spent on the military instead of education. Let alone on science; which "educated" people said the world was only 6000 years old? .

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    There is clearly a lot of insanity in both states. A very revealing book about Kansas is" What's 's the matter with Kansas?", written by Thomas Frank, which examines why the folks in Kansas continue to vote for the Republicans, even though it is not in their best interest to do so

    Long before Sam Brownback accepted money from the Koch brothers in 1976 to take over Bob Dole's Senate seat, Kansas has historically been a Republican state.Not surprisingly, Brownback's "Tea Party experiment" has been a miserable failure.

    Your reference to horses brought to mind an old song (1972) that also deals with horses and crazy people. It's called "Horse With No Name", and it was composed by a group called "America". Here it is:

    If you do a little research on Wikipedia, you'll also discover that the song has an Arizona connection.

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    Louie Gohmert's lawyers were in the news today - and it does not look good for them.

    Washington D.C. attorney Patrick Malone submitted two separate bar complaints to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Office of Disciplinary counsel. The two complaints target three members of the D.C Bar: (1) Julia Z. Haller; (2) Lawrence Joseph; and (3) Brandon Johnson.

    Each of the accused attorneys is named in a complaint concerning the case stylized as Gohmert v. Pence, a lawsuit filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) late last year which asked a federal judge to reconfigure a post-Reconstruction law in order to give then-vice president Mike Pence the power to determine the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The lawsuit was tossed by a federal district court. Then it was thrown out by a federal appellate court. Completing the hat trick, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider the lawsuit with a single sentence in early January.

    Malone also alleges that the attorneys submitted “a fake document” to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in order to give the impression that the Arizona State Legislature had signed off on challenges to the authenticity of the November election results.

    “Close study of the [lawsuit] and its Exhibit A shows that the lawyers who presented the [lawsuit] knew they were trying to pull a fast one on the federal court in Texas where they brought this case,” Malone alleges. “They inserted weasel words in their various references to the Arizona Legislature in an apparent effort to give them a fig leaf if caught.”

    The complaints also allege a “direct line” from the pro-Trump litigation to the “mob attacks” of Jan. 6.

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    Louie Gohmert has long been considered to be the dumbest person in Congress.

    Fortunately, he won't be in office much longer.

    He retired from Congress so he could run for Texas Attorney General. But with just 17% of the primary vote, he failed to make the Republican runoff. And the sunset beckons.

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    Like I wrote before how is it still possible that these "types" can have an seat in the Government as well plenty of other Senators who have shown that they have no clue about "governing". Even an Democrat in "name" only such as Manchin never should still have his seat there, but Biden refuses to throw him out. But yeah on the Republican side there are a lot more incompetent people who should be "fired" How come an "Greene"or an Jordan still sits there? On the "governor" side the same weirdo's like DeSantis and other idiots. Thus in other words something is wrong with the election process and"appointments"

    The main "culprit" is the election itself. Since so much "money" and "lies" are thrown around with the elections and the circus around it, then you never get "serious" well educated people for the job. Every "crook" smells money and "power" to get more "money".

    Therefore as long as this country sticks with lots of "money" used for elections, then forget "honesty and "educated" candidates. Positions are being "bought" by the people who "benefit" from such person they want. Everything here can be "bought". Sorry we the "people" are being misled and screwed over. Forget the Constitution; it is only good if you happen to live in 1700. There is not even an proper election system without "money" or an good "screening" about "qualifications" for the job or knowledge about proper procedures. No wonder we have an "zillion" lawyers to help to get us even more into the "shit". Sorry the "paperwork" here lacks any "common sense" and is polluted already over 200 years. It is time to get an "parliamentary system" with daily updates on the "base law", so you don't get an "second amendment" circus as it is now.

    "Arizona" (the "writer") should know better, but is also stuck in the "antique shit" paperwork used here. Ask Canada and other "civilized" countries how to make decent up to date laws without an "circus" as here.