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NYPD Continues to Play Politics With Police Funerals

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    For a second funeral in a row, the NYPD decided to disrespect their boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who happens to be the person the people of New York City elected based largely on his platform of reforming the long troubled police department. The Mayor had the audacity to say there needs to be a change of consciousness in this country with regards to how police treat our citizens of color. Cops didn't like that and now blame him because some lunatic decided to murder two police officers in his city.

    Most of you know where I stand on the issue of police brutality and my rather inherent distrust of the police in general. It is of no surprise that I'm rather upset with the police officers actions at both of these funerals. Instead of mourning their fallen comrades, they decided to make it about them and get their fifteen seconds of fame; Instead of choosing to work with the mayor who has now bent over backwards to reach a hand out to them, they have decided to declare war on their duly elected boss.

    It should also be noted that there is a major fight going on between City Hall and the NYPD union over their contracts. I wonder if any of their despicable actions have anything to do with them wanting to make the mayor look bad so they can get an upper hand in these negotiations. Money trumps all and the heroes at the NYPD seem to be showing what's most important to them.

    Cops wonder why the people in America don't trust them anymore. This shameful and petty 'woe is me' protest at their fallen comrades funeral is just one of many cases in point.
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    Screw them.....Bratton gives them a way out and they still contend that somehow we owe them something. On the other hand, this was a photo op for the Mayor. They should have kept it a family affair. Invite only.
    I have an issue with Jet Blue flying these guys around for free. They never fly the families of victims of any murder to a funeral free.....Honor their memories by being the best possible cop and role model you can be. Sniveling at a fallen officers funeral.....way to show respect.
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    I agree..........This is a group with much potential but they are showing what idiots they truly are. F them
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    Everyone of these punk cops should be suspended without pay for a month! They are the problem and until the police union recognizes it nothing will change.