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Iconic ESPN Sportscaster Stuart Scott Loses Battle With Cancer at 49

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    Longtime SportsCenter icon Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer this morning, dying at the young age of 49.

    The man who coined the term ';Booyah' was part of ESPN for decades and helped bring diversity to the channel at a time when more and more people were beginning to notice that the people covering sports didn't look anything like the individuals playing the sports.

    I grew up watching Stuart on SportsCenter day in and day out and he will definitely be missed.
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    I so agree. This man helped changed sports broadcasting. He was fabulous. His battle with cancer was long and hard. His tremendous love for his daughters kept him fighting. He won a Jimmy V award at this years Espy's and he attended the telecast even though he had spent days in the hospital that week. ESPN is paying tributes to him today. At the Cincinnati / Indianapolis (playoff) game today there will be a moment of silence. May he rest in peace.
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    That really is a shame. Cancer for seven years, kept returning. John Hopkins cancer reseach just released data stating that cancer has nothing to do with lifestle or the antioxidants we take to prevent it. To my amazement, not even heritiary factors play a role. With the exception of Lung and Liver cancer they also claim the most cancers occur randomly during cell division.

    This is why when people say that it's God's will I get frustrated. A man fights this disease seven years having to go through the misery of chemo and surgery just to lose the battle. ESPN had great things to say about him as a person. Our circumstances don't look so bad when you see a guy fight this disease as he did for numerous years. SAD.