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CDC Declares Flu Epidemic After 15 Children Die

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    The media may have you running scared about Ebola, but there is a real epidemic sweeping across this nation that is having catastrophic effects on children, seniors, and individuals with weak immune systems. This years flu is proving to be far more deadly than recent strands and the CDC worries that things will only get worse as flu season progresses.

    The CDC is trying to make sure people understand the definition of epidemic and that we are not witnessing something similar to the black plague, but they are stressing that this is a very serious strain of flu and that people need to be taking their warnings seriously.

    I really find it quite interesting how the media covers health issues in America. They had a collective freak out over Ebola, but don't ever bother talking about something that has killed over a dozen children and countless other senior citizens? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You hear crickets from them when it comes to America's number one killer, which is heart disease. I guess it's hard to talk much about heart disease when the vast majority of your advertising dollars come from the same companies directly responsible for that epidemic.

    Did anyone else hear about this today? Do you think that we can start pushing back against this flu strain, or are we in for a very long winter?
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    I read that this strain of flu has muted and that flu shots are less effective.

    CNN, December 10, 2014: CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current virus has mutated

    "The advisory sent Wednesday said 52% of the 85 influenza virus samples collected and analyzed from October 1 through November 22 were different than the virus strains included in this year's vaccine, indicating a mutation, or drift, of the strain."

    Taking all the usual precautions like washing your hands often should help you avoid it.