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Racism is so wrong.

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    Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a measure, by a vote of 240 to 187, to denounce Trump's tirade against "the squad". Amazingly, even 4 Republicans voted for it. Although the measure will have little practical application, it MIGHT cause some independent voters to vote Democrat in the next election.

    Here's the weird part:

    Before the final vote, Democrats went to extraordinary lengths to defend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who drew objections from Republicans after calling the president's comments about Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar "disgraceful" and "racist" from the House floor. Her remarks prompted Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia to ask Pelosi if she wished to rephrase her remarks.

    She refused, and was criticized because guidelines governing debate in the House prohibit members from referring to the president as a racist.


    To paraphrase Joe McCarthy, "if he looks like a racist, and he sounds like a racist, then he IS a racist!

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    On July 13, Tennessee governor Bill Lee signed a bill declaring July 13 as "Nathan Bedford Forrest Day". Forrest was a slave owner and a slave trader, a Civil War general and (most importantly) the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.

    I understand that Tennessee law requires that the governor must proclaim six days a year of "special observance", but the guy should have been smart enough to pick someone who was actually deserving of the honor. As a reminder, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Tennessee (Memphis) in 1968.

    In case you have forgotten, Tennessee has the highest percentage of evangelical Christians of any state in the country.

    Trump got 60.7% of the vote in Tennessee in 2016, carrying 8 of the 10 counties in the state.

    I have said possibly here but elsewhere as well that had I been in power at the end of the civil war I would have rounded up every southerner and deported them. I realize that there is racism everywhere but the constant worship of traitors is unacceptable. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a sub-human piece of shit. I will make the adjust to my first sentence to say that the entire confederate government and military command should have been executed.
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    When I opened up my Chase bank app this morning, I was surprised to read that CEO Jamie Dimon had posted a letter condemning racism:


    Dear colleagues,

    I am disgusted by racism and hate in any form. Any such behavior — explicit or veiled, deliberate or unconscious — is unacceptable and does not reflect who we are as a company and how we serve our clients and communities every day.

    We must make sure that the culture we aspire to reaches every corner of our company. We have done some great work on diversity and inclusion, but it’s not enough. We must be absolutely relentless on doing more. I’ve instructed my management team to continually look into our policies, procedures, management practices and culture to set and achieve the highest possible standards. There is always more we can do.

    Racism has existed for too long — in our country, in our communities — and unfortunately, at times, even at our company. But this is not who we are. We want all of you to be active in making needed progress.

    We will use this moment as an opportunity to do better — as leaders, as employees and as human beings.

    Jamie Dimon signature


    I'm not sure what prompted the letter, but I'd like to see more corporate leaders take the same stand, especially in view of the fact that racism has gotten worse since Trump took office.

    Nor surprisingly, Dimon is a Democrat. His parents, incidentally, are both immigrants from Greece.

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    When it comes to race relations in Wisconsin, it ultimately fails. Especially when it comes with interactions between police and blacks/Latinos.
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    Maybe Jamie Dimon will vote for Joe Biden. The other choice chuckles when brutality or injustice is done. The candidates need to be held to immediate accountability especially when they display horrible choices and poor judgement. An endorsement by 5 or 50 key executives would send an actual message. Won't happen because their safest position is right in the middle. It would take a serious backbone to say 1 is correct and 1 is wrong. Don't hold your breath.