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Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty to Felony Tax Evasion; Resists Calls to Resign

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    Congressman Michael Grimm pleaded guilty to a single count of felony tax evasion in Federal Court today, months after declaring his innocence and insisting he will fight his Federal indictment. Representative also admitted to to hiring undocumented immigrants, lying under oath while serving in Congress, obstruction of justice, and insurance fraud, but will not be punished for any of those actions. Grimm is facing between six months and three years in federal prison when he is sentenced .

    Grimm is standing firm and insists he has no intention of stepping down, but it is almost impossible to see him towing that line for much longer. Speaker Boehner will surely want to avoid the huge headache of a protracted Ethics Committee investigation and the questions of why a convicted felon should be able to stay in his caucus. It is only a matter of time before Grimm is shoved out the door, but it will be great theater while he continues to make his leadership and his Republican colleagues extremely uncomfortable.
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    Great post Jared, I only want to add that this shyster is a total loser. I bet he is afraid to look in the mirror and see that lying Republican mug staring back at him. He even reminds me of John Boehner to a degree, mainly due to his arrogance.
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    Congressman Michael Grimm showed true colors on national news threatening that reporter, and he looked serious as a heart attack! The look on his faced showed that if not for the camera, he might have thrown that reporter over the railing! These kinds of people, much like Dick Cheney think they're better than most and deserve better than most. However they both deserve a prison cell like the rest of the inmates doing time for their crime!
    No more no less!
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    Just think --- these are the BEST that the Republicans can provide for Federal office. Just think about all the LOWER officials in their party. And all the ones who have never been caught (Yet). (God help us). There could never be enough room in our prisons to house them all. We'd have to put them into an animal shelter, & you know how awful that would be. Congress guys down on their knees, trying to "bribe" a German Shepherd for their doggie Chow, & some Vermin Vittles. (It all could be secretly filmed by the guards -- heck, it may even go "viral").