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Colbert Report Airing Final Episode Tonight

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    Tonight marks the end of an era when Stephen Colbert gets behind his desk for the last showing of 'The Colbert Report.' It's hard to say how sad it will be for me to never be able to watch his show again. His show is one of a handful of shows I watch religiously and rarely miss. His firm grasp of American politics is honestly second to none and his ability to stay in character, even during some of the craziest bits, baffles me. It will be extremely tough to fill his shoes.

    However, there were a few times that he couldn't help but laugh at himself:
    Watch Stephen Colbert Break Character in Hilarious, 14-Minute Supercut

    My favorite moment from his show was when he gave an emotional and heartfelt tribute to his mom after she passed. It was one of the very few times he broke character and spoke from the heart: Remembering Lorna Colbert

    You can also listen to an interview with Slate Podcast where he is out of character and explains how he was able to stay in character for ten years:
    Listen to the Real Stephen Colbert Explain How He Maintained His Flawless Character for 9 Years

    I highly recommend listening to the entire interview if you've ever wondered what he does to prepare for his show each day and what his plans are for the 'Late Show.'

    Is anyone planning on watching the final show of 'The Colbert Report' tonight? What were your favorite moments from the show? And do you plan on watching him when he moves over to CBS or do you not think that you'll be able to watch him when he is not 'in character'?
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    That's a shame...i've only been watching him for 6 months. I didn't even know about his show. I love it. Funny as hell.......But I got to be honest...there's a show on Fox...THE FIVE. I don't know who she is but she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'll put up with that Fox nonsense just to see her. I don't even know her name....but God must exist when you look at her
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    Stephen Colbert was very funny. He'll most likely be great at his next job/show.
    I know pgr really likes him as well. I'm sorry that I missed the episode tonight. I'll catch it
    on youtube or perhaps I have comedy central on demand.

    p.s. pgr, the last few photos have been very nice. Good job !
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    Thanks, Tony.

    I have to admit I was disappointed in Colbert's last show though, I expected better. He will be missed, however, and I don't believe his new venue will be anywhere as good!
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    No Colbert ruined it for me,when he cut a bunch of tulips in half after the Dutch olympic skating team won in a big way over the Yankees.

    Goodby, Colbert
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    If you want to watch the last episode, here's the official Comedy Central link:
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    Thanks sbf
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    What does everyone expect in a half hour? this wasn't Sons Of Anarchy