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    [url=">AmcmurryFreedom[/url] Wrote: However, numbers are favorite exhibits of factual evidence supporting history, of which, History, as taught in the public forum, will stand the test of time. Opinions are just that, "opinions" and are never supported by the facts and never withstand the test of time. Professors at Universities generally will propose public opinions on issues the student body is studying, but at the end of study, they remain just that, "opinions" with no substantial evidence to support a historical fact. So, keep believing the garbage of opinions and false literature undermining the historical facts. I know what I believe and I'm very comfortable in that thought. Like, someone responds and entertains us, you all must be living in "LA LA Land".

    history is written by the winners.

    perhaps we should ask the indigenous tribes of North America their opinion as to mass murder by transplanted Europeans/Americans.

    and the regime change/assasination/interference in sovereign countries such as Iran, Guatemala, panama, the Philippines et al are historical facts.

    straighten your skirt, your exceptionalism is showing.