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Obama diagnosed with gastric reflux

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    Obama diagnosed to be suffering from gastric reflux

    It's a wonder he hasn't bleeding ulcers and perforated intestines. Bad enough being President, but being Obama as President is a negative synergy of populace stupidity and bigotry. Factuality, data . . . reveal that his administration has been along with (if not been responsible for) a resurgence of a lot of what had been devastated during the prior 8 years. Just look at the stock market levels -- the increment of disparity between the richest 10% and the rest of us. Yet more deportations than during Bush's terms in one of which was a kind of blanket amnesty .
    Anti Obamamania is ignorance. Especially considering his popularity and preserved almost savior status in other countries. America's Jim Crow heritage has to be kept alive somehow or other or we lose our diversion from retrospective realization of a genocide of some 9 million aboriginal occupants of the continent.
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    I don't know what to say. It is amazing he got along this far, without serious illness. The stress that man must be under, with the whole world in turmoil, the crazy Republicans are trying to destroy anything he wants to do, sometimes even before he does it. He has to worry about his wife and kids, in much the same way that JFK did. His secret service detail has been far from exemplary, and He should have perfect expectation of the BEST guardians, not the least qualified.

    The Republicans, (usually a surly bunch of corrupt self-serving crooks), have outdone themselves the last 6 years, They have practiced sabotage and treason several times, probably more than any other President has had to endure & yet try to work with them. Shutting down the nation's govt, is NOT a normal reaction of any governing body, But it is a recurring theme in the GOP's everyday performance in their "mentally ill" agenda. Thank God that Obama is a man of superior health and stamina, because if he were old & frail, the GOP's unethical tactics would have probably put him in his grave.

    But the GOP have shown absolutely NO remorse, compassion, or tendency to act (even a little bit) like responsible adults. They are following their old fossil John Birch Society / Tea Party agenda, which is basically, (underneath it all), an attempted COUP against the United States Govt. -- And yet, by doing it in such under-handed manner, most people do not even realize that our whole system of govt is UNDER ATTACK. (Wake UP Folks), it is NOT NORMAL for the United States "House of Representatives" to be NOT working, (hardly at all), except when they are trying to Sue or Impeach the President, or doing some other equally insane tactics. (Mostly trying to UN-DO "Obama-Care," --- since the Health of Americans is definitely NOT high on the GOP Priority List).

    What Republicans want is ETERNAL WAR, which will end up KILLING 100,000's more of our young American men & women. And when they come home all crippled, & bleeding -- the GOP will be SURE we have NO FUNDS to take care of their health needs. All the money will have mysteriously vanished into some Swiss Bank Accts, like ones owned by Michelle Bachmann & Mr. (Her husband is a Swiss citizen, & has made a bundle, using unsavory ways of "curing the Gay" --- which are totally bogus). As long as the GOP has all their extra millionaire incomes, from other means, then they do not feel at all constrained to do their "duties" as a U.S. Senator or Rep.. (So -- they don't). They just fritter away the whole year, taking VACATIONS, at taxpayer expense.

    Let's all keep a TALLY on each Congressman, to see how many days he is NOT WORKING, & then "dock" his pay at least $1,000 per day. That should save the US govt a few bucks. And If we tallied up the last couple of years of "absentee" GOP Congress, I'll bet we would save the Govt several MILLIONs of bucks.. Hey, GO FOR IT ! And then for "ungentlemanly" conduct, there should be a Fine to pay. Every insult about the President, they should pay retro-actively $5,000 bucks. BOY, that would rack up a whole bundle --- $BILLIONS in a Month. ---- Hey, Mr. President, I think we have SOLVED THE BUDGET CRISIS. Just treat the GOP Congress like the bad little children they are -- they must be "punished" for being NAUGHTY & for being ABSENT from their Duties. Maybe they will even need a little scolding. Then, one day they may (by divine intervention) actually GROW UP. -- Now, how do we get them to grow a few brains??

    BY THE WAY, We the People, want to take OUR country back --- to 1907 --- when members of Congress got paid -- $7,500 per year. (And back then, they
    might have been WORTH IT !!! ) -- Now, over HALF of Congress are Millionaires. (And you can guess which half ) They do the LEAST for their money : )