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CISA Cyberspying bill being pushed by the Senate before the end of the Holidays

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    Hi, I do not know how many of you have heard about CISA S.2588 the Cybersecurity bill that allows the Government to spy on your internet usage without your knowledge and consent and before the holiday season the Senate and the US Chamber of Commerce is pushing for a vote on CISA in the Senate and according to THE HILL online political magazine before the Holiday Season the US Government will be pushing Cyber Spying for all of us online!!!
    CISA or S.2588 is expected to come to the Senate Floor next week First off CISA makes it legal and official to allow NSA Spying destroys Net Neutrality no matter what decision the FCC comes to

    But not only that it allows your ISP or internet service provider without your knowledge or consent REGARDLESS OF CONTRACT and with immunity in doing so give your information to law enforcement agencies which again is without your consent be given to third parties which include the private sector as well in which your ISP or Internet Service Provider address and phone number can be given to these third parties without your knowledge or consent. The Information that can be given includes E-mails, text messages, online searches, online purchases, credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial information and your ISP will not have to worry about lawsuits and can even make MONEY giving out all your information by selling your information to third parties which CISA allows and encourages.

    This bill completely violates the 4th amendment and will do little to nothing to stop Cyber Threats and instead allow spying of are private and personal information and what gets me is that these ISP or Internet Service Providers can make money from third parties on your information and your Internet Service Provider will be given immunity in doing so.

    Please sign this petition HERE >> and then call the Senate 2022243121 and tell the nice operator your Zip Code and tell them NO TO CISA S.2588 the Cyberspying bill. Do not let Government violate are 4th amendments and privacy online and get away with it. STOP CISA S.2588