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No Indictment in NY

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    I watched a movielast night called "Chrash"; it really shows the interface of the police with the public, especiallly that of how they treat colored people.
    Like they did a "body search" on a Pakistani women and really groped her all over; I bet this happens all the time in the big cities. Sorry the police gets away with it all the time including murder. Even I get confronted with it, because I have an accent, so I don't belong here is the attitude. On top of it the community in which I live is holier than the Pope, so they wonder why I don't go to church and wonder why I have have no Jesus slogans in my yard with X-Mas. Sorry to say tolerance or thoughts about other cultures are far from their bed. I certainly was not used to that in the Netherlands, where they have enormous tolerance and accept other skin colors and cultures. It must be the first settlers instinct, killing indians and buffalo for a trophy only. Duck Dynasty is a picture of that.
    This country still has a lot to learn; I guess other studies than "bible class" are desperately needed.
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    Dutch why don't you sneak out at night and steal one of those plastic baby Jesus's and then put him your yard? Then, you will be accepted, accent and all, even if you drive one of them "furin' cars".

    God will forgive you if you return him after the holidays, I'm sure, the bible says so.
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    If you don't like it here, "Why do you stay"? There must be some self-inflicting pain enjoyment, because many respond like there's nothing good about America, other than they have the right to the "Freedom" of speech. Our military, law enforcement and of course Freedom of religion (along with Freedom of speech, has enabled you to live in a foreign country (to you) protected and free from abuse. Your protected by law, which none of your neighbors can force you to do anything, except if your in a homeowners association and you don't keep your residence up to snuff. Does your homeowners association say you have to have Christmas decorations? I believe you are protected against that, but those private associations have a lot of legal strengths, better read the FINE print in the contract.

    If a another country, such as, the Netherlands is so great, why do people stay in America?
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    The weather!
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    AmcmurryFreedom Wrote: If you don't like it here, "Why do you stay"?
    We stay because we want to change our country for the better and move it into the 21st Century; we stay because we want to actually follow the Constitution, which says that Congress shall make no laws concerning religion; and we stay because we damn well can.
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    .......and just what law has been established based on any specific religion? That is correct Congress will not make any law based on religion. No law has been made. Americans are free to establish whatever religion they wish, even granting IRS deductions based on affiliation with a religion. This has agnostic and atheist angry because they can deduct there mileage, and donations to their atheist and agnostic cause. These agnostic/atheist people talk big game, but look at their tax returns and you'll see deductions and probably more than what they can deduct. Please name a law based on religion, such s if your Christian you can do this, or Jewish you can do this or Muslim you can do this.
    Since Congress cannot make any law based on a religion also means they cannot prevent a religion from the American people. If you want to pray to the SpongeBob entity and establish a church, there are steps to follow to be recognize as a religion.

    If those that want to practice their patriotic duty and support the Constitution of the United States, nobody s stopping you from dong that. You just cannot threaten anybody while attempting to express your civil rights. That is against the law, both in speech, written and actions. It's tragic to witness people protesting what "THEY" feel is right, but "THEY" refuse to recognize your right to assembly or express your right. It's like who's the biggest kid on the playground or who can yell the loudest. Nobody listens. Most protestors do not utilize their legal rights in a court of law, but rather they choose to ramble and yell dribble that is just noise. These same protestors have tactics to lie, and cause harm to innocent people, because they see an opportunity to intimidate, persecute and abuse people that do not believe the way protestors react. There are right ways to protest and it achieves a lot less harm to the public.