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Similarity in Histories Struggle for Racial Justice

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    Last weekend I took a group of kids (questioning the Ferguson situation) to Topeka, Ks where the National Historic Site of Brown V. Board of Education. It was a perfect site maintained by the National Park Service where the history of black struggles dominate any mind that enters the doors of the original Monroe Elementary School (one of the four segregated schools for African Americans (as defined) in Topeka. Although while entering the doors and immediate hallways of the school, I followed the kids to a classroom, where entering took me immediately back to my elementary school of site and smells. It was pleasing to remember that old classroom smell 60 years ago.

    The Historical Site has many movie clips, photos and educated people discussing the struggles that black people in our country have faced. The Site does not only pertain to Brown V. Board of Education, but gives an in depth history accounting from slave coming by ship, becoming slaves to owners, black people becoming educated and well endowed with standing on their own in a dominant white society. Many important Case Laws are painted, defined and detailed in the struggle of back freedoms and the rights toward equality.

    After a few hours in the National Park Service registered site, I saw evidence of how the protests were conducted back than and how the Ferguson protests are being conducted. Rioting was less and the pursuit of law was more emphasized. Peaceful demonstrations were more useful, however, peaceful demonstrators were met with hateful attacks by racist people condemning the black race. At Ferguson, I see the opposite, where peaceful demonstrations did attempt to make a difference, but violent riots took place and there was no racist attacks that could be seen. I'm sure there was racist people in the area, because the KKK and other hate groups, such as the skin heads, are in Missouri. Although I do not remember hate groups attacking the demonstrators (other than Police standing their ground), the media exposed looting, fights, fire-bombing, gun shots, and people being killed by the same "peaceful protesting". Is this a change for the better? Is this how protests must take place to make yourself heard? There was more black on black crime in Ferguson than the conduct of peaceful demonstration as compared to the protests the past several decades to last century. What's next, "mob mentality" prevails in speaking your freedoms? I very much agreed with Charles Barkley when he described the Ferguson protests with the looting, fire-bombing and gun shots. To many in those demonstrations they were seen with a bottle of liquor as they got in the "mood" for a little destruction. Bad thing they cared not to realize is their black friends were out of job the next day because the store where they worked was burned down.

    At the Brown V. Board of Education site were several questions for people to answer on what they felt was happening in Ferguson. I would sure like to read all those answers. One day, I assume the Ferguson issue will be detailed at this historic site of Brown V. Board of Education.
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    Im shocked you would even attempt to make comparisons....Since that time the US poulation has almost doubled; people are poorer, less educated, and whacked out on religion. This "global pressure cooker" is getting hotter and hotter. I welcome anarchy because something has to give.
    People will wake up when their own survival depends on it. All we've done for the past 50 years is place band aids on issues that should have been resolved years ago. Change is coming, but not the change to which you hope for.....
    Think about angry Mexican, 5 kids, no job, no education....and god's not listening (Damn, I've just described half my family).At some point...he's going to break...
    This is when "white privlege" can't help you anymore...Sorry AMC
    History has shown me that change is imminent....and sometimes....change gets ugly. It always does before it gets better..

    "It's never fun when the rabbit has the gun"
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    ......yes and that is another thing that is different from the protests a long time ago.............GUNS, Guns and guns. Since more guns, thanks to the NRA, Americans can protests with guns and thanks to the passing of open carry laws, protestors carry guns with them in demonstrations. What a society spent on "Mob Mentality". There will never be peace until the protestors kill the opposition. This is America's future with guns. All the Police in the world, "with cameras adorned", will have a harder time to serve and protect the nation. I see more military in the streets before/if it ever gets better. Robocop, anyone? It can happen. Read the Hawking's report on "AI will destroy mankind!". AI with robotics is a dangerous combination, but will be used if mankind cannot get control of its character. The Bots will rule if mankind cannot maintain good social behavior. Law enforcement will resort to using alternative methods if the current systems will not serve and protect the nation. The report coming from Hawking portrays a dismal future for mankind.

    The comparison came naturally, but was not the intent of the visit. Kids were asking many questions on the Ferguson issue that the national site on Brown V Board of Education was perfect to help understand where society is going. Eyes were wide open through the entire visit.
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    L.A. Citizen Wrote: AMC

    Yes it is all "god's will; god ( which one?) blesses the USA day in day out; the Pope just blessed my gun. Too bad some people still think "god's" will clean up our own created mess.
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    Also, AMC fails to mention the hundreds of anti-war protests of the 60's..........I saw a lot of violence, Those weren't tamborines and guitars I saw police firing at protesters.

    Not much from the Pope either on this issue,,,,sorry, he and the Bishops were strolling the aisles of Toys R Us wearing fake mustaches
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    Yes, LA you again brought up a where Police were different in those days in 60's. They were more over-reactive than today, especially showing a racist attitude toward minorities. In comparison to Ferguson, the police of the 60's would have stopped the demonstrations with much more force than what had happened today. The Police culture has changed and I believe it will continue to do so. But where do you draw the line. If public protests or demonstrations become more violent and the Police become less vigilant, than where does it meet in the middle? Does more looting, over-turned cars, fire-bombings and shootings from demonstrations make the cause to protest legal? The public appears to be saying to the Police culture to back off. How far does a group who is supposed to serve and protect the American public back-off with their practice and performance? I agree that cameras is a start, but the Police have to perform in serving and protecting the American public. The camera's will only make the Police actions on the public more compelling in court. Prosecutors will love the pictures more so than the defense. The crime will lie against the perpetrator and not against the Police. Sure there will be a few incidents that go against the Police, but evidence of the camera will go heavily against the person arrested or shot by the Police. The defense will have his/her hands tied in court to allow more cases to be, "at the mercy of the court', or a guilty plea be surrendered.

    At the Brown V. Board of Education site, riots and the demonstrations depicted a much more aggressive Police force than what happened in Ferguson. Remember Kent State shooting with the National Guard, you'll see the local Police in that video chasing and clubbing young students also. The demonstrations in the 50's through the 70's of racial equality, segregation and civil rights have pictures and videos of a violent reaction from the Police. I saw few examples similar in what happened at Ferguson by maybe 1% of the Police. In most what happened at Ferguson, the Police were pretty lame and laid back. They showed a flexible force that bends with the demonstrations, but held their ground with riot gear, tear gas and numbers. I think the past demonstrations do show that Police tactics are different and they have training from experiences faced in previous years of public conflicts.
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    I diagree . The Watts riots in the 60's are are a prime example. Let us seperate war protests from racial discrimination (police beatings) The police department were all white at that time, that's why it was worse for any miniority. Police behavior was un-checked. No law suits, no recourse for miniorities.(whatsoever) But make no mistakes....It's worse now...
    You would think because of community policing, a more diverse department, and better training that things are better. No sir , they disguise it better.. We're suspects, possible gang members,...."he fit the description"..."suspect went for my firearm",
    I can't recall so many instances of so many suspects reaching for what "looked" like a gun....and there's nothing. How can so many people reach for a gun when they don't have one???? over and over...."I thought it was a gun". How manytimes must we hear that?

    All police shootings are always met with the same answer........never,......... "I made a mistake"...."I was wrong". "I'm not sure"...It's always a justifiable reason. How is that mathematcally possible? How is it that police are never wrong in their justification?? They are always in the right
    Funny, because any other answer sends them to prison....That is why it's far worse today.

    And when we discover the corruption within these departments in 2014.....they always claim "a few bad apples" Please read what Rampart officers were doing in Los Angeles. This wasn't a few bad apples....This was systemic. This was tolereted as long as they brought in those "NUMBERS"......WE WERE THE NUMBERS. LAPD Management knew what they were doing,,,,,and looked the other way.

    They can't claim "a few bad apples".....becauise they're the gate keepers......WHO WILL WATCH THE WATCHERS??? A death sentece should apply to corruption in any department.....because of the damage it can do. They have the ability to ruin an innocent person'r life....which should require the harshest penalty available because it is a position of PUBLIC TRUST
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    People should protest in a nice manner.....LMAO, They were nice back then because it was still common to see hangings with few questions asked. In a better world there would be equal numbers of stopping, equal numbers of arrests, equal numbers of convictions, equal amounts of employment, equal amounts of poverty. We have a long way to go and as long as old white men are making all of the decisions...... I don't see any change on the horizon.