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Sick Veterans due to Burn Pits

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    I was watching Aljazeera America last night and they had a story about the US Military and their long stay in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Although they had a company that was paid a couple of billion dollars to safely get rid of waste......... The military decided the best method would be to just burn everything. Huge piles were made, Jet fuel added, and many things were burned Many are now saying that the items being burnt included paints, and toxic chemicals. A large number of military/soldiers are now suffering with severe respiratory problems but the VA is not officially taking any responsibility for their bad health. It's left many so sick that they can not work. Much more information is contained in these two links. If US soldiers are sick, I would have to think many civilians are also suffering from health problems (in both countries).
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    Thanks for sharing this story. Our leaders don't ever seem to think about these kinds of things before sending our boys, and now girls, off to fight in far off lands.

    We seem to love to send our soldiers off to war in this country, but never want to ponder the possible consequences before doing so. I wish my government thought about things before sending hundreds of thousands of our kids off to fight a war they could never win, but I guess that is just wishful thinking.
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    If a Ferguson police officer were to accidently fall into one of the burning pits,,,,,would there then be an aroma of "jelly filled donuts" in the air?
    I'm just asking.

    A cop recently saved someone from a burning car, receiving burns on his arms...the weird thing was....witness swore they smelled Burger king.
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    Don't forget all the non-burned junk what they parked in the desert; that showes the stupidity of wasted tax dollars which is also toxic on a proper functioning society; let alone the war junk they are producing right now which may be never will be used like the F35.