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Documentary:Ebola All The Truth

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    I'm Josep and I'm one of the directors of The Ebola All The Truth Documentary.

    6 days ago we started our crowdfunding campaign but unfortunately, we don't have any chance to make visible our project on Indiegogo site, because we don't have support from Media or Social Networks.

    I only ask for having a look for this project. If you are interested on this project, feel free to make whatever thing, even if you have some doubts, just put in touch with me, I could speak even Via Skype etc.

    Unfortunately, nowadays we live in a society where some powerful people are able to cover us many things and controlling great part of society.

    I consider it's interesting whatever initiative coming from whatever person , institution etc. to know the truth about many subjects such as The Ebola Virus.

    Thanks you in advance for reading this post.
    Link of crowdfunding campaign:

    Link YouTube Channel:

    Facebook Account Make a click in like if you like this project:

    Twitter channel follow me if you like this project:
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