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This guy had a gun

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    This guy had a gun......
    Unfortunately though, he was 12 years old. The caller to 911 said the gun may be fake. Police pulled up..... Got out of their car.....the kids hand went near the gun and from within 12 feet, the kid was shot and killed. The news originally called it a toy gun. Other reports have called it a pellet gun or a BB gun. Either way, this is a 12 year old who won't see his teenage years. The case is said to be going to a grand jury...... I wonder how that will go. The race of the kid ? Well, I'll let you guess. Happened in Cleveland, Ohio.
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    He was killed within seconds of the cops arriving. Seconds...

    Did the cops try to talk with him? No. They just got out and shot the kid. All of you can watch the video for yourselves and see how quickly they shot this kid. It makes me sick...

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    Again???? already???

    Wow, I said it would continue....this fast?
    I did just see the link.... and unfortunately...because the gun is present it may be the same outcome. I'm almost sure of it.
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    Brown had no gun - shot dead at age 18.
    Rice had a toy gun - shot dead at age 12.
    It's okay if 1000 unarmed people or people with toys are killed as long as not one cop is shot...... You definitely don't want my opinion........ This is another chapter in our history of bad law enforcement. Hey cops, go ahead and kill 30 - 40 people a day....... maybe you'll be right once or twice.
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    Tony Johnson Wrote: Brown had no gun - shot dead at age 18.
    Rice had a toy gun - shot dead at age 12.
    It's okay if 1000 unarmed people or people with toys are killed as long as not one cop is shot...... You definitely don't want my opinion........ This is another chapter in our history of bad law enforcement. Hey cops, go ahead and kill 30 - 40 people a day....... maybe you'll be right once or twice.
    Tony, did you forget that this is America and it is "blessed" ? Where else on this world has every person a gun or more of them? Where else on the world does the police force consist of 80% ex-military? Where else in the world are they trained to shoot at the torso and head only? Where else in the world does the police get ex-army battle field equipment? Where else in the world has the police mostly no manners or knows on how to interact within a civil society
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    The video does make me sick as well. The police just drove up and shot interaction. No chance for the kid to even say "Hands up, don't shoot". Now if the video hadn't been available, what would the story line be?
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    Schmidt Wrote: The video does make me sick as well. The police just drove up and shot interaction. No chance for the kid to even say "Hands up, don't shoot". Now if the video hadn't been available, what would the story line be?
    I think we all know what the story line would be. It's the same story line every single time.

    What makes me even more sick is the news that neither police officer administered first aid to the child, who was still alive immediately after the shooting. First aid that may have been able to save his life.

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    From watching the video I see the boy playing. By himself. Cops and robbers. There's no stress in him. Casually pointing the gun . Fantasizing.
    The 911 caller (idiot) tells the operator it may be toy. But then states that he's really scared.
    911 isn't a chat line. Its for emergencies. He doesnt know if the gun is real....nor does the operator. It's not her call. She relays person has a gun...informing the unit of what may await them. If the caller isn't sure then why call???

    You can assume that the cops already had their guns out on just how close they pulled up to the kid. That kid never stood a chance...probably never even thought they were there for him...too busy in thought...playing...laaligagging.

    This case in no way is similar to the Brown shooting.
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    Cases are not related except for the fact that the police killed two young men, (1 young man and 1 boy) and neither needed to die. Sounds like cops can kill all day, every day and who's to question them ?
    There was a police shooting about 6 weeks ago, nobody died (Luckily) where the cops pulled over a black man for not wearing his seat belt. The cop pulled up behind him at a gas station and yelled show me your license. The man reached into his car for the license and he was immediately shot. He yelled out "I was doing what you told me to do, why did you shoot me ?"
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    I saw that shooting. That cop should be going to prison in the near future.
    But always remember... each case has its own merits. Yes..they do have similarities in that blacks are getting shot...but for evidenciary purposes its best not to compare the two cases.

    In this case there is no cigar theft, there is no struggle, and absolutely no attempt by police to make contact and attempt to diffuse the situation other than shooting is very different.
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    Without question, The guy did some stupid things that day. He should have gone to jail for 21 days. Swisher Sweets are pretty cheep so I imagine a handful may be worth 7.00 I would have been all for an arrest, and a short (21 days) trip to jail but he was a jerk and ended up with 2 in his head, two in his arm, and a few in the torso. I fully agree the kid needed arrested just not shot to death. Pepper spray ? A Taser ? isn't there a away to subdue someone without killing them ? I think more Chiefs of Police need to consider this question.......
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    Tony Johnson Wrote: Pepper spray ? A Taser ? isn't there a away to subdue someone without killing them ? I think more Chiefs of Police need to consider this question.......
    There are plenty of ways to subdue someone without killing them, especially if they are one hundred feet away from you. Darren Wilson didn't want to subdue Mike Brown, he wanted him dead. What other explanation is there if Mike Brown was over one hundred feet away than Wilson wanting him dead?

    Darren Wilson now gets to live the rest of his life in fear. I wish he was behind bars for the rest of his life, but living in mortal fear for the rest of your life might be worse.

    The cops who murdered Tamir Rice will likely never see the inside of a courtroom either. They sat there and watched that child die without even attempting to give him any First Aid. How can those cops sleep at night? How sickening.

    It makes me sick how countless cops get away with murdering our nations youth with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever. I can only hope that we will wake up one day and right the terrible wrongs so many police in this country do on a daily basis. I can only hope that one day we can convince our cops to stop shooting our black citizens first and asking questions later.
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    As I said many times before, that is what you get in a "militaristic" nation; everyone here is affraid of each other because everyone has a gun. Furthermore the police training follows the "military" logic of training. They are even now promoting for "veterans" without job to join the police, so the percentage of ex-military will only increase, which will make the situation only worse. As long as in this country civil people are seen as an enemy by the police force, nothing will change.
    Only a total new training program which clearly defines on how to act in an complex integrated civil society as well as a social partner who realizes who pays their salaries, will work
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    I hate to even mention this, but a pattern is emerging that could be extremely horrific for America's future. Go back first to Kent State where college students who were unarmed, were having a Peace rally at their own campus, (anti-VietNam War) & National Guard troops arrived there, & shot several of the students,
    Many were injured & several were killed. Imagine college students using their rights to protest, being shot down by Govt troops, on their own campus. Also, it is good to remember that during the VietNam War, you did NOT have a "voluntary" Army, but people were "drafted" at random, & forced to go fight & die for a cause they did not believe in. Young men being slaughtered, against their will, to fight for South Viet Nam. About 58,000 US soldiers were KILLED in that war, --- And the result? The Victory? Today, (& for the last 39 yrs) ALL of Viet Nam has been a COMMUNIST nation.

    Our OWN GOVT is becoming more & more Fascist in its outlook. And our police forces (nationwide) are also becoming more militarized, Tons of military equipment gradually being moved into cities, to be used by civilian law enforcement. It is definitely wasteful, & OVER-KILL. Who needs a flame-thrower to
    address a parking ticket? It is partially military surplus, but really unnecessary. NOTE: They are PREPARING for something sinister yet to come.

    Remember the OCCUPY (Wall Street) movement two or 3 years ago? Thousands of peaceful protesting people did a "sit - in" in city parks & down town districts in several cities. To protest how Big Money interests had "rigged" the system, in favor of the Rich 1% -- & to disadvantage the middle class. And we saw how cops in RIOT GEAR rushed in with clubs & guns & Super MACE (heavy duty spray) & maliciously attacked the totally peaceful people who were using their
    Constitutional rights to protest a grievance. Cops beat them with clubs, sprayed them with the most dangerous sprays, that can burn your face & blind you, & dragged women by the hair, & destroyed their personal possessions, & (unlawfully) arrested them. We never did find out if all of them were ever released.

    Frequently now, police depts hire ex-criminals & ex-soldiers. These would be the most violent & most aggressive types of cops, who did not "major" in any form of "public relations" or benevolent attitudes. They have often reacted more like Nazi Storm-Troopers, than simple street cops. There was NO EXCUSE for the horrible way the cops violently attacked civilian citizens, protesting Wall Street excesses. It is our RIGHT to do so, without being molested or detained.
    Thus, cops are ignoring our lawful rights, by reacting violently to lawful behavior. Growing in illegal powers, to SUBVERT our govt, in hostile Fascist ways.

    Multiple attempts to "RIG" our Elections, & to subvert our Courts & Judicial Systems, by "Payola" to the Supreme Court itself, (via the Koch Brothers). NOTE the Koch brothers are sons of Fred C. Koch (on National Council of the John Birch Society) who had OIL contracts in Soviet Russia, under Communist Joe Stalin.
    After a long cordial relationship with Communist dictator Stalin, Fred Koch came back to USA, (Wichita, KS) & started his own billionaire OIL business, & got involved in American politics, in the GOP radical right-wing, just as the John Birch Society was getting started, (A secret society & propaganda machine).

    They started immediately to slander Democrats, & to insinuate that President JFK, was a Commie traitor. Even though JFK was a war "HERO" in WWII, & a steadfast Catholic, the Birchers taught the most contemptible slanderous lies about him, Since the whole objective of the JBS was to takeover the US govt as soon as possible. ANY methodology was acceptable to them, 24 hr propaganda, the secret society of JBS, as an agent of Deceit, to manipulate our elections, & to destroy democracy. The JBS LEADER (Robt Welch) always said, "The US is not a Democracy, & the Founders did not intend for it to be one." [Of course that is a TOTAL LIE, but you'd be amazed how many Americans actually believe it]. Such stupidity can destroy America, after 56 yrs of continual repetition.

    NOW THE FACTS: The Founders of America include Geo Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, etc. But ONE of this group is unique: He came from England, & his ideas & writing ability sparked the Revolution against England. His writings were published in huge numbers, for those days, but Thomas Paine never made one penny from them.. He never asked for any. (Like Geo Washington, who was never paid for being the General of our troops, & never asked for a salary as our first President). Men of true honor were never greedy. (Contrast that to today's Republicans - oh, the Horror).

    Here is the TRUTH from Thomas Paine: "It is on this system that the American Govt is founded : It is "representation engrafted upon Democracy." "What Athens was in miniature, America will be in magnitude." --- NOTE: Athens, Greece was the world's first democracy -- back in 500 B.C.

    A good description of Democracy is: "Govt of the people, by the people, & for the people" --- as described in a famous speech by Pres. Abraham Lincoln.
    We fought the Civil War "so that govt of the people, by the people & for the people -- SHALL NOT PERISH from the Earth." -- (Gettysburg, 1863).

    Thomas Paine associated with all the great intellectuals of the American Revolution, & even traveled to France to help with their Revolution. (You know, the one where they sent their Queen (Marie Antoinette) to the guillotine. (Paine begged them not to kill their King & Queen because they were BORN in that job, it was
    not a matter of personal choice). But nobody listened. Also, Paine spent a miserable year in a French prison, waiting to be executed for his extremist ideas.

    But (back to the point) -- America IS supposed to be a DEMOCRACY, no matter how loudly the Birchers try to say the OPPOSITE. The Birchers merely say that because the main purpose of the John Birch Society is to DESTROY Democracy. --- Birchers (aka GOP) -- (aka Tea Party) -- want to REPLACE Democracy with their own Dream-Land -- an "Oligarchy" = (govt by the rich elite [Republicans] who want to suppress the middle class, into a perpetual virtual slavery).

    First they'd have to destroy the Democratic Party, (& kill off a few of our best leaders, such as JFK & his brother Robt Kennedy). Then they'd have to subvert this govt, spreading lies & propaganda to the entire population -- such as Rush Limbo radio show (for 30 straight yrs, non-stop propaganda) & using political ads & even church pulpits to spread their Birch lies. It was an accepted method for Birchers to join TWO churches, (one for husband & another one for wife) so they could Double their influence on political thought in their community.

    NOTE: In Claire Conner's book "WRAPPED IN THE FLAG" (2013) Beacon Press, -- her parents were actually Leaders in the John Birch Society, way back in 1958, when it first began. She was a member at age 13, when her parents had Birch meetings in their living room (6 nights a week) --- AND this is worthy of mention --- their Catholic Priest was ALSO a John Birch Society member. The Birch Society realized how important it was to have the CLERGY on their side to reach the hearts and minds of Americans. The Catholic Church was considered the "Voice of God" to many religious people. So if the Birchers could get THEM on their side, it would be a real "coup" -- no pun intended? I began to notice that their Newsletter -- "The Catholic Voice" --- given out to all Catholics in my aunt's nursing home --- seemed to have a decidedly Birch viewpoint. This puzzled me, as they were more "Democratic" when John Kennedy was President, but now after all the JBS "indoctrination" from 1960 to 1992, they must have just "rolled with the flow."

    The Founder of Birch Society (Robt Welch) had formed a National Council, who he used as advisors. He hand picked them as industrial, military, & corporate
    leaders, who could organize a nation-wide political movement, using commercial advertisements, public seminars, & fund-raising groups -- but had to operate
    in relative "secrecy" as to their ultimate goals. (Sort of like a Communist "front group"). They actually DID use Communist methods, since Welch studied all the techniques of Marx & Lenin & Hitler (on how to organize & control a Fascist society). A handbook of "subversion, corruption, intrigue, & mind-control). One of the main elements necessary to convert a democracy into a Fascist Police State is: non-stop, 24 hour, endless, mind-numbing, brain-washing propaganda.

    WE GOT IT !!! Now we have (24 hour) News TV, & 24 hour cable networks, & 24 hour Internet & 24 hour radio. There are whole networks dedicated to solely spreading the false Gospel of Republican, Bircher, & Tea Party Politics. (Or you could save time & just read Karl Marx & Hitler). Our American people are being bombarded 24/7 with totally FALSE IDEOLOGY, but don't have the brains or Time to figure it all out. They just absorb what they hear, in knee jerk reaction.

    WHAT THEN CAN WE DO? -- We are about 56 years LATE, in trying to catch up to all that mind-control. They have been so brain-washed that they won't even LISTEN to any "main stream" media --- which just shows you that our FREEDOMS have been also warped & stunted. You can't REACH a mind, that has been thoroughly brain-washed until there is precious little brain (or mind) left. Their thought processes are all twisted & distorted, & can't reason logically anymore.

    And "you betcha" they will listen to their "clown circus" leaders, who tell them to take 2nd Amendment Remedies, to solve their illogical problems, since they are all now zombies, a body without a brain, under control of the criminal subversive Republican Puppet Masters. "Dance & Grin, little sawdust for brains." You will also soon be the Victim of the vicious GOP master plan. For after the prisons are built, & all our US money is in foreign bank accts, & the city govts & state govts have been stripped clean of ANY money at all, Then the GOP will hop into their private jets & fly off to Europe, where they hid all of YOUR money in THEIR Swiss Bank Accts, where they will never have to pay taxes --- & never have to return it to its rightful owner --- YOU.

    But you ALL can always tune into your favorite radio or TV channel, to hear your illustrious Right Wing Leaders say to you: (Like Chris Christie: "JUST SIT DOWN and SHUT UP !!" Or you can hear some of them say: "We don't believe in Medicare, or health care for the poor" -- or "We don't beieve in giving any money to the elderly, or military disabled veterans, or their orphans -- all due to OUR GOP's lying unnecessary WARS in IRAQ" - via Cheney / Halliburton.

    Your wonderful GOP stock market, which conveniently crashes quite often, whenever the stock brokers themselves "Rig" it to crash, so THEY can cash in with enormous Profits, -- while they watch your hopes & dreams crash into sawdust & sewage. See, the GOP always steals the Medicare & Social Security money (stashed away, supposedly, for the Senior Citizens when they retire) but in actual Fact those funds are "looted" by the Financial Wizards of Wall Street, to pay for the latest bloody Wars, (rigged to help the OIL industry, as in the "9/11" Iraq War - in 2003, -- carried out by Geo "W" Bush & Dick Cheney).

    Remember long ago, (up above) I mentioned that George Washington & Thomas Paine, did NOT TAKE A SALARY or Payment for their Work on behalf of the newborn Democracy --- the United States of America. -- // True Leaders and Men of Honor ARE NOT GREEDY. (Now compare them to the GOP of today).

    Compare them especially to GOP men like the Koch Brothers, who are trying to BUY our government, with all their corrupt money -- & remember how THEIR FATHER was doing OIL business with Joseph Stalin, a Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union. And then he came back to US & got active in the Birch Society.
    The JBS which has taken over the Republican Party since 1958, & started off by killing their opposition (JFK & RFK, both Kennedys within 5 yrs). If you kill off the best Democrats, running for President, it makes it a whole lot easier for the Republicans to WIN, & get their Bircher candidates elected. The Birchers had chosen Barry Goldwater to be their Repub candidate, (for 1964) since Goldwater had been on the Executive Committee of the John Birch Society.

    Now I know many of you will consider it a bit of a "stretch" to think that the Birchers // Republicans would ever THINK of an idea like "killing Kennedy" & to do that horrible crime, just to win an election. BUT there is a bit of Proof: Think back a few paragraphs where Claire Conner, the daughter of a Leader of the John Birch Society (in Chicago) had witnessed 6 meetings per week, in her own house, serving cookies & coffee, from age 13, on up to her college years. She had met Robt Welch, founder of the JBS, in person herself (at their house). She had also met Revilo Oliver, a leader of the JBS, at their house, & he later was a leader of the neo-Nazi movement in the USA. (He totally denied the Nazi holocaust ever happened). As a member of the JBS herself, & being there as witness for 6 meetings a week, for many years, she was familiar with all the "anti-Kennedy" rhetoric being spread around. The Birchers said JFK was a Communist, & a Traitor, & had been married before he married Jackie, & just tons of the usual idiotic slander, and bat-shit crazy accusations.

    On November 22, 1963 --- Claire Conner (writer of the book: WRAPPED IN THE FLAG (2013) -- Beacon Press) -- was going to college in Dallas, & got the day off to go see President Kennedy's motorcade arrive. She saw JFK & Jackie ride by, waving & smiling, & then 1/2 hour later, President Kennedy was dead. She
    was just shocked. But as she had stepped off the curb, she saw a paper flyer on the ground, with JFK's face (in profile & front view, like in a Mug Shot) & the headline at the Top had said: WANTED FOR TREASON. This flyer had been spread all over Dallas that day, & the crowd was in a sinister mood, since they had already been brain-washed with Birch literature for 5 years.

    The night before the assassination, the secret service detail was not there to guard the Prez & his wife. Most secret service on night of Nov 21,1963 were out on the town, at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club (a bar full of strippers, booze, & whores). They stayed there most of the night, so during the motorcade, most of them were hung over, & exhausted, with blurry vision. Being mostly Repubs, they probably hated JFK anyway, due to all the evil lies of the Birch slander machine.

    As for Claire, college student & witness to JFK motorcade (in 1963), she had just heard about the assassination, so she quickly called her Father in Chicago, & he immediately told her, that she should be QUIET & NOT TALK to Anybody. And, he added, maybe she should get a Lawyer. What?? -- she asked. Why would I need a lawyer? And he answered: The Govt might think we (Birchers) were responsible for the assassination. And Claire asked: "Well, WERE YOU?"
    He never answered & just hung up. - But she immediately knew, that all the JBS lying rhetoric had probably led to JFK's premature death, at age 46.

    One thing that should PROVE to you, that we have "never been told" the real TRUTH about the JFK Assassination. Most all of the real evidence and records were all "Sealed Up" & to never be seen by the Public -- for 75 YEARS. (Repeat: not to be seen for seventy-five years). Just THINK about that, Think about the significance of that. WHAT WERE THEY TRYING TO HIDE? -- And WHY?? -- They want to be sure that the "real" killers would never be put on Trial, & risk going to Jail -- or even worse -- to the firing squad, -- for the Treasonous Act of Assassination of a U.S. President. In other words, they never wanted we, the citizens of the United States, to KNOW who the real assassin(s) were. --- But, We Do know THE MOTIVE.

    HOW do we Know?? Because exactly 5 years after JFK was shot dead in Dallas, while running as a Democrat, for his 2nd term as U.S. President -- his
    younger brother - Robert F. Kennedy -- who was Atty General, & now was running as a Democrat for the U.S. Presidency -- was ALSO shot dead. Could this all be just a "coincidence"? Both were killed by gunshot, at a political rally, by a gunman with strange foreign ties, very late in the campaign, when they were nearly SURE to be the winner. Both of the gunmen had no obvious motives. Evidence was botched. Both had some ties to the right-wing political scene. BOTH of them would make it much easier for a GOP candidate to WIN the upcoming election. (Both assassinations could have been planned by the Birch Society).

    WHAT OTHER PROOF could there be? Such as where did the "mug shot" flyers come from? The ones that said "JFK WANTED FOR TREASON" -- that were distributed all over Dallas that day (Nov 22, 1963) -- the very day JFK was assassinated in his motorcade, The flyer like Claire Conner picked up off the sidewalk curb, where she watched the Presidential limousine drive right by her. THAT FLYER. Somebody had to write it, print it, & get it distributed all over Dallas.

    President Johnson named the Warren Commission to study all the evidence about the murder of JFK. Among many items they studied was the "Wanted for Treason" poster, which Claire Conner had described as "something that my father might have written." The Warren Commission also found the man who printed that poster, -- Robert A. Surrey, (a right-wing activist, & owner of American Eagle Publishing Company). Robt Surrey was also an associate of Major-General Edwin Walker. (The General was a darling of the Dallas media, & a Hero of the John Birch Society, & a friend of Claire Conner's father). SO HERE IS THE basic CONNECTION between the "Wanted for Treason" poster -- & the JBS Birch Society -- (It is: publisher Robt A. Surrey, & his pal: Major General Edwin Walker).

    The Warren Commission also examined the full-page "Welcome Mr. Kennedy -- to Dallas" advertisement, in the Dallas Morning News. It listed at the bottom that the ad was from The American Fact-Finding Committee. (Bernard Weissman, Chairman). BUT, after very persistent questioning, Mr. Bernard Weissman finally admitted that the cash for the ad had been given to him by Joe Grinnan, a coordinator for the John Birch Society. Another MAJOR CONNECTION to the John Birch Society -- of all the terrorist propaganda which had been spread all over Dallas that day - the day of the assassination. Most of the "Welcome to Dallas" poster was a list of ridiculous questions, baseless accusations, & slanderous smears against President Kennedy.

    As you probably know, the Birch Society has now morphed into the TEA PARTY. They hoped to make it seem like a "grass roots" effort of ordinary citizens -- in order to catch all the gullible people out there, who do not recognize the Huge Manipulation that had to take place, and the massive amount of MONEY that would be needed, to develop this "masquerade" of a middle class uprising. The entire thing has been financed by the Koch Brothers, (notorious billionaires, whose father's money was gained thru OIL contracts with Stalin, (a Communist dictator of the USSR // aka Soviet Russia).

    The Kochs have such enormous wealth, that they can afford to BUY our Govt, -- lock, stock & barrel. And this can be done in several ways, such as giving for campaign expenses for several "candidates" - that the Kochs would then be able to manipulate. (It used to be called "payola"). Or they could simply use the old gerrymandering trick to manipulate the voting districts, so that a certain Party would be most likely to win. Or they could "pay off" certain poll workers, to make a few thousand ballots disappear. A few years ago, candidates actually owned some of the voting machines, so they could "rig" the inner mechanisms that count the ballots, & guarantee that certain people would win a few extra districts. If certain polling places depend on "volunteers" to hand out or count the ballots, it would be easy to send a few volunteers into the place, & gang together to manipulate the vote count. Especially in little towns, nobody is too observant, to watch what happens to those ballot boxes after voters leave. It just begins to appear "too easy" for someone to control election outcomes. It is maybe the right time to explore Better Systems that can be used to register one's opinion,. on who should be our next leaders-- Any ideas?

    Please REMEMBER that our system of "democracy" (voting for our leaders) has been systematically sabotaged & undermined by the JBS, for the last 56 yrs.
    Two or 3 generations have been raised hearing only the deceitful "lies" & horrible slander, of the right wing propaganda machine. The eventual collapse of this nation will be very soon. The same criminals who "rig" our voting machines, have been manipulating our stock market, with the goal of bankrupting the U.S. economy very soon. The elite Rich Republicans are the 1% who have control over Wall Street financial markets. They can "rig" the game anytime they want.

    Their favorite way to "rig" that, is thru eternal War. The more WAR we have, the more money can be manipulated around the chess board. It costs enormous unimagineable sums of money (every minute) that we are shipping troops overseas, building & selling weapons to allies (& sometimes to enemies), just so the wheels of capitalism are being greased continually. Enormous amounts of OIL will be used up continuously, for all the vehicles & tanks & aircraft carriers & small
    missile launchers, etc. (This makes the OIL corporations (owned by Bush & Cheney, & Koch Brothers) take in more wealth in one hour than any of the rest of us can earn in a whole lifetime). But do they want to SHARE any of their "war wealth" with any of us little people? Even though it will most likely be OUR young children who will be asked to go fight and die, in all these dozens of wars, they keep dreaming up, like some endless Horror Story.

    I have always said, if you want to defeat an Enemy, -- the best way is to BANKRUPT HIM. You don't need the biggest Army, or the fastest Air Force, or the most modern submarines in your arsenal. All you need to do is "bankrupt him." How? Force the bastard into an endless war, which will make him "bleed" money like a wounded Monster Dinosaur, spewing blood into the air higher than a Volcano. Forever. Make him spend all of his blood & treasure into an endless Money Pit
    that will bankrupt 4 or 5 generations, into the future. Meanwhile, all the bombs, environmental damage, & pollution will make Life in that country unacceptable.
    THAT will be the best Defeat of All. -- Whoops -- WAIT a Minute --- that is what is now happening to US !! (Due to the GOP-OIL corp of America).
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    You emhasized that vietnam has been communist for the last 39 years, almost as if it were a disease. I don't get it. So what.
    Yes, 58,000 dead. Have you taken a look at Saigon lately?
    We still live in a society in that the each of us have 1 vote....they didn't buy the government,...we sold it. We took the money. But it's still one vote. The only thing that has really changed is the citizenry.
    You spoke of the 99 percenters as somehow being relevant....Most of them were homeless, pot smoking bums.....yes, they were the 99 percenters....99 percent irrelevant..

    The Koch brothers and every other billionaire family also have 1 do the rest of us. Money is a factor in that we allow it to rule over us.

    I'm sorry, you should point the finger in the mirror.....we are to blame....not them.....They will only take what we allow them to take.