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    A dear friend and I were discussing breakfast foods. I’d mentioned that I came into possession of a case of boxes of commercial pancake batter. She declined my offer of a box (I have more than enough pancake mix for the rest of my life). She prefers eggs.

    I emailed her . . . . .

    Eggs are good. Better for you than pancakes. I haven't looked, but probably there are about 100 different ingredients in the pancake mix. Like what's on the labels of pastries. Who the hell comes up with such recipes? All those components, of artificiality and-or-is-it-as reality and you wonder . . . . .
    "Hey Charlie."
    "We got two tons of Almeric Salt left over from the Tostitos run"
    "An' we got 400# or sodium bicuspidate we didn't use in the Lotus Lunches."
    "That it?"
    "There's more."
    "How much lots?"
    "Eighty three different left-over lots from 48 different product runs totaling some 8 tons and 300 pounds. Whaddya want me to do with all of it?
    "Mix it all in with the Twinkies and Snowballs batter."
    “Hey Charlie, just noticed there’s a bin here with all kinds of partial leftover stuff in it. . . . . “
    “Throw it all in with the next pancake run.”
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    Great post. I thought it was funny and probably all too true.I want to congratulate you on a post that's less than 1000 words.

    I want to hijack this food related thread and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Not by blessing any deity for anything. But I honestly hope that all
    have delicious food to eat, loved ones around to share conversation and laughter, and plenty of safety so relaxation can be the center of the day.
    Hopefully most everyone will be busy doing whatever and not sitting in front of the computer too long. Best wishes to all.