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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Stepping Down

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    The New York Times reported that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down. President Obama will be making the official announcement today.

    I had a feeling that Secretary Hagel was on his way out after watching his recent hour long interview with Charlie Rose. He was asked point blank whether he was going to stick around for the remainder of President Obama's second term and he gave the typical political response of someone who wasn't quite ready to say he was already out the door.

    On a personal note--I was quite impressed with Secretary Hagel's short tenure as Secretary of Defense. I think he did the job he was tasked with doing and is the unfortunate 'fall guy' in an Administration that has to show it's willing to change things up a bit after a less than stellar midterm election. If you sit back and think about who on the President's National Security team would have to go, it is not surprising that President Obama decided to settle with Hagel. He would never ask Kerry to step down and Susan Rice is much to close to the President to ever be asked to leave. That left the President with one person.

    What do you think about Hagel's departure? Do you believe he was a fall guy and the President had no other choice or is there another reason that he decided to step down after only two years on the job?
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    Update: President Obama announced that Hagel will be staying at his post until his eventual successor is confirmed.
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    According to the news, he was "forced out" . Of course the first one who showed his ugly head was McCain and Gingrich. I can already predict what will happen.
    All the warhawks will make a lot of noise and will keep pushing for more and more involvement all over the place; the Pentagon will love this they can expand their power and unbriddled budget . Since shortly the GOP will have more to say, I'll just wonder, but I'm affraid our wars will continue for a hell of a long time, until we are totally broke!!!

    I like to add; on the news the Pentagon has ordered another "batch" of F35's; cost nothing indeed; may be Hagel did not cooperate? Sick, very sick country!!!
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    I just heard from my wife who is in Europe right now that there indeed they claim he was pushed out; likely one of the reasons as I mentined that the Pentagon wants to spent and he oposes it. Just to show their "power" the Pentagon ordered those extra F35's. at about 400 million a pop. Politics as usual; sick indeed.